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    Why 1=2...

    Any ring which is not an integral domain will have that property. Called zero devisors. for example consider the ring of integers modulo 4: 2*2 = 4 = 0 ; but 2 is not zero. ...it basically depends on the how you define your operations. For all I care you could define the multiplication to be...
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    Please Help.

    looks correct to me. Assuming the smaller bowl is thin, the volume "ice bowl" can hold is the same as the volume of smaller bowl. [of course in all of these we are assuming the top of the bowls used are in the same plane, else it has to be factored in]
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    polynomial question

    x -> 1/2 (-1 - Sqrt[-3 + 4 Sqrt[11]]); x -> 1/2 (-1 + Sqrt[-3 + 4 Sqrt[11]]); x -> 1/2 (-1 - i Sqrt[3 + 4 Sqrt[11]]); x -> 1/2 (-1 + i Sqrt[3 + 4 Sqrt[11]]). ...from the source of all wisdom: Mathematica ....here's how you do it by hand: 0 = x^4 + 2 x^3 + 3 x^2 + 2 x - 10 =...
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    What's wrong with this notation?

    I do. Honest. You just have to take a transform of what I say to see the true message :o
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    Favourite Geometry Theorem.

    The simplest and the best: Pythagoras Theorem
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    What's wrong with this notation?

    don't question the gods of mathematics puny first year kiddo........:D you'lll get used to it!
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    HELP integration questions!!><

    try reading your text book. those questions are straight forward.
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    Pre- 3 unit

    all. they don't put stuff in there in order just to make your life miserable.
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    4u Mathematics Marathon v2.0

    damn. 2 years of uni didn't teach me to use my head. Never had heard of infinite sums. btw ... learn to see exaggerations when u come across them.
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    4u Mathematics Marathon v2.0

    although you mention that the question is not HSC type; but even a general maths student knows how to that question. Could probably bet a year 10 kid could do that question. All you need is a pencil that can last long enough to draw a few semi straight lines back and forth. It doesn't belong...
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    3u Mathematics Marathon v2.0

    here's a "solution"...did not spend time thinking. It might be wrong. I just wanted to do it like most year 11 kids would do:
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    how are text msgs charged?

    yes. get one of those really old phones. It only allows you to use 160 characters :p....ignore that!
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    How to know where a subject is if you're not enrolled in it!

    ""best"" way to figure it our is: enroll in it->check timetable->drop subject....there may be a list of withdrawn units, but who cares :o
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    Semester I Chatter Thread (2007)

    Re: Semester I 2007 - Chatter Thread! /begin{whining and winging} Don't know how many of you people do Physics and Maths, 3rd year; but why the hell are there so many clashes between Maths and Physics. MATH3962, MATH3961 and MATH3974 all clash with Physics one way or another. Haven't checked...
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    how did they get the line in red?

    LOL: let m = 3^k then the line before the red line is = 0.5*(m-1+2m) = 0.5*(3m-1) <---the red line = 0.5*(3.3^k-1) = 0.5*(3^(k+1) -)
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    pLuvia: love your avatar. where did u get it from? :)
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    Use implicit differentiation in the first one: u^2 = 4-x^2 => 2u*du/dx = -2x =>-udu = xdx. then the Integral = Integral[(u^4-4u^2)du] integrated from 2 to 0. It gives 64/15.
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    Help pick pieces :)

    damn why didn't I think of that. Thanks mate. Then again, screw you fro not allowing me get a new PC so i could play Oblivion on :mad1: ...means more time for studies....thnx :)
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    If you are incredibly bored ..

    huh? what u mean if I was well?