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  1. Bo-batron

    Schools who improved markedly on last year

    Yeah! We went up almost 40 places... which is great. I'm so stoked at how awesome everybody in my year went. It's funny, because everybody was saying we'd never be as good as the smart heads in the Year 12 before us. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yay for us! Yay for us and our little regional, public school! :D
  2. Bo-batron

    Official school rankings...sooooo?!?!?!?!?

    wooooooo But just to change that, I will put up my non smart-head like ranks. Engrish Standard 3/59 Anchent Histrie 21/32 Bimologie - 18/21 - hahahahaha, I hate you Bio Comoonity & Famooly Stoodies 2/15 Jographie 18/31
  3. Bo-batron

    Official school rankings...sooooo?!?!?!?!?

    Don't feel stupid, it's only the smart heads posting their ranks up anyways
  4. Bo-batron

    what has your schooling life taught you

    That.... my friends are so amazingly important to me, how special people can be, how caring they can be.... and how much I enjoyed being with them every day! Which, I do miss now. And.... how much fun laughing is! :) And.... canteen chicken burgers rock
  5. Bo-batron

    What were funniest momentf of your HSC

    Kylie Minogue pumping during Geography. Then again, I find a pen falling on the floor amusing.
  6. Bo-batron

    those who have school formals after the HSC??

    After the HSC, on the 15th... I can't wait, should be awesome.. and so will the after party! :D
  7. Bo-batron

    What's happening to your notes?

    Bye bye notes They're all (but not quite all) getting cooked, well done in a bonfire on Friday night. Then, I will spew on the ashes.
  8. Bo-batron

    Year 11 - A Waste Of Time?

    Oh the good ol' days Yeah, I agree that a lot of Year 11 was a waste of time. Basically because it all meant nothing. But still, it was an important time because that's when people really started to come together, and we all grew up a lot. It was from then onwards when I started enjoying simply...
  9. Bo-batron

    your hardest exam....

    Well..... Bio - just because I suck badly. It wasn't a hard exam, I admit. I just don't know my stuff well enough. .... the rest were reasonable!
  10. Bo-batron

    school rankings

    Who can explain to me about the extra UAI marks for rural students? How much? Does that even happen?
  11. Bo-batron

    year 12 muckup days

    I so know who you are. Don't deny my internet stalking powers!!! And, Bo-batron isn't a lesbian. We are just awfully friendly friends :D
  12. Bo-batron


    Bah, I simply could not cheat. Ever. It would be easy to do, yes. But I couldn't bring myself to do that, simply because I am a wuss who would turn myself in before dying of guilt :P
  13. Bo-batron

    year 12 muckup days

    The crime scene idea is awesome! Now that's the sort of fun I like. I wanted to do something similar at our school... but it never happened (why?!).... our school is built on an old graveyard you see, so the idea was to put some (fake) gravestones around the school....bones...etc :) That would...
  14. Bo-batron

    year 12 muckup days

    What's funny is, I can see you singing that :P Anyway, I don't like fish... so it's just as well I can't come..... sniff.
  15. Bo-batron


    Another "a-hole" comment. Similarities between the two? The gender :P Of course you would find it funny.
  16. Bo-batron


    Wow, you're an a-hoooooole ;)
  17. Bo-batron

    The "OMG I've Finished the HSC" thread

    Woooooooooooooot Yes, Bo-batron (aka Wooooooooooooooodle) can officially say that she no longer has to sit at her stupid dining room table studying loser subjects that she hates. She is free...... and it feels quite nice indeedy :)
  18. Bo-batron

    Five minutes reading time completely inadequate!

    hahahahaha - exactly. But anywho... the lovely look after us people went through it with all of us before reading time started, and we've looked at it before school ended anyways.....
  19. Bo-batron

    Section III, IV - Historical Periods

    Historical Period was by far my best section. I filled up a booklet (which is good for me) and I somehow remembered all of my quotes and stuff.... studied up good for it! I did New Kingdom Egypt - Thutmose 4. Ya... gooooooood. I'm just stoked to be done! (it was my last!!)