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  1. zemaj

    science transition workshop

    Yeah I went. I thought it was preety good. As long as you were willing to go around meeting a few new people. I definately think that you're missing out if you didn't go. -zem
  2. zemaj

    People who got >90 in subjects: how did you study?

    *better not answer this question... might give some people bad ideas :P -zem
  3. zemaj

    2002 UAI's

    It has to be - if you get 99 it means you're in the top 1% of the state therefore it must be based on percentages and they must be the same each year. -zem
  4. zemaj

    2002 UAI's

    98.35 Meh. -zem
  5. zemaj

    Any guesses what time the UAI will be released?

    Wow this UAI sounds like some good stuff! Where would we able to get this item? -zem
  6. zemaj

    goddamit i want my uai now!!!

    Meh. I even had a go at looking at the code to try and get in early (they try and hide the html - so I figured there must be something good there ;) ) even though I know there's no way they'd base it on client not server side time :rolleyes: -zem
  7. zemaj

    Agggghhhh... can't take it anymore....

    *eye twiches Argggghhhhhh..... worst. system. evar. Basterds. They shouldn't be allowed to do this to us. Grrrr..... -zem
  8. zemaj

    How do you use percentiles in Lazseeker?

    Yeah it wouldn't - you could estimate better by looking at the percentile above and below to get an estimate of the spread - then when in doubt go lower to save yourself. It definately gives a much closer result than normal :rolleyes: -zem
  9. zemaj

    How do you use percentiles in Lazseeker?

    Wait - I sort of see now - yes I see. thanks. -zem
  10. zemaj

    How do you use percentiles in Lazseeker?

    Ahhhhh.... I still have no idea :confused: Say I got 94 in physics, what would I need to add in the percentile thing? -zem
  11. zemaj

    Honours List

    1 is right for the honours list - they name list everyone who got 90+ in any subject - they then use the number of listing in that to say how well your school went. For the premier's thing I believe it's just the HSC mark (if it's not I'm stuffed) but I don't think it would be. I wonder if...
  12. zemaj

    How do you use percentiles in Lazseeker?

    I've been trying to work this out and I've had a few people ask me (mistakenly thinking I know anything whatsoever about statistics). So... how do you use http://boredofstudies.org/bands.html in http://boredofstudies.org/lazadvanced.php with your marks to get the more accurate UAI? Many...
  13. zemaj

    all rounders

    It's 90 or above right? I didn't get it in enlgish :mad1: I got it in my other 10 though... 2 Chemistry 90 (band 6) 2 Economics 90 (band 6) 2 English (Advanced) 86 (band 5) 2 Mathematics 95 (band 6) 1 Mathematics Extension 1 47 (band E4 = 6) 2 Physics 94 6 (band 6) 1 Studies of...
  14. zemaj

    2002 HSC Marks

    2 Chemistry 87/100 92/100 90 6 2 Economics 89/100 91/100 90 6 2 English (Advanced) 84/100 88/100 86 5 2 Mathematics 96/100 94/100 95 6 1 Mathematics Extension 1 46/50 47/50 47 E4 2 Physics 93/100 94/100 94 6 1 Studies of Religion I 44/50 45/50 45 6 Meh... it's ok... -zem
  15. zemaj

    M/C ANSWERS HERE! poll what u got!!!!

    Yeah 18 = a Arggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! I put 7 d! Why: 1) I spent 10 mins reading through the topic the night before since I'd run out of time. 2) I was thinking that if it was fully decentralised then there'd be no government interactions at all - stupid I guess. I mean I can see where I was...
  16. zemaj

    Multiple Choice Answers

    Yeah - 2 definately C. Its obviously refering to the few Presbyterian Churches that remained. ...and I had a calculator, but the supervisors wouldn't let us use them :rolleyes: -zem
  17. zemaj

    Use "Volta" in S&S

    No, but I used him in S&M... -zem
  18. zemaj

    Read yesterdays paper?

    Good stuff about the drought & global markets. Predicted 1 percentage point drop in growth, and neutral, possibly expansionary monetary stance by RBA. Also housing boom coming out due to oversuply. Good stuff IMO. Gonna use it where I can. Good luck. -zem
  19. zemaj


    Yeah they have enough stuff to ask in our syllubus, I don't think they'd go back to year 11 stuff. -zem
  20. zemaj

    good luck

    Arggggghhhhhh.... I'm still here. It's the day before my final HSC eco exam & I can't get motivated... something's wrong :p Ok, seriously going now. -zem