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  1. PeaceDrummer

    Help with probability

    thankyou! that helped me so much, explained it perfectly! now i know how to do tree diagrams as well, thanks again :D
  2. PeaceDrummer

    Help with probability

    I totally suck when it comes to probablity.. so much that I am stuck on this easy question: A barrell contains 15 blue marbles and five red marbles. Two marbles are selected from the barrell, the first not being relaced in the barrell before the second is chosen. This experiement is repeated...
  3. PeaceDrummer


  4. PeaceDrummer


  5. PeaceDrummer

    2009 HSC English Texts - What are you studying?

    Module A: Comparitive Study Elizabthe Barrett Browning Sonnets The Great Gatsby Umm, the others are: Hamlet, Speeches.. Irish poems? And The Crucible. :|
  6. PeaceDrummer

    2009ers: Year 12 Jerseys

    My school is SO strict! We have to get nicknames approved.. And the ones that dont' need to be approved can be our first name/ last name or part of the first name. It sucks. It's cause heaps of people last year got really stupid ones, like they didn't get their name, just stuff like N0Gary! Lol.
  7. PeaceDrummer

    Do you like maths?

    Yes. I found I am now, because when you compare it to English or Soc & C it is easy. There is only one answer for each question, but for say English there is no right or wrong answer.. You have to think real deep and connect heaps of things to eachother. Also I have been revising a lot of it...
  8. PeaceDrummer

    Post up your subjects for HSC!

    I dropped Extension English.. Because I didn't understand what "Navigating The Global" was... Turns out we didn't really start it yet till the day after I left, meaning I wasn't meant to know. I enjoyed it.. But only cause the class was small and it was easier than Advance I found. I was...
  9. PeaceDrummer

    Scaling issue, help fellow 09ers! (or fellow members)

    It always comes back to what subjects you enjoy.. I hate Society and Culture and I'm doing it, even though it's real hard to go good in cause everyone goes good in it... That's what scaling is isn't it? :rolleyes:
  10. PeaceDrummer

    Fuck The Pip

    LOL. Thanks for making me laugh! I feel the same way.. My school practically forced me to do SocietyAndCulture.. I wish they warned me Subject Selections were Really important when it came to the units.. Instead they said "You're whole future depends on the subject." They made us stressed...
  11. PeaceDrummer

    PIP 09 Ideas

    I was thinking about doing something with American comedy vs. Australian comedy.. I LOVE comedy, and it'll let me watch lots of funny movies.. But I have no idea what my focus point will be..
  12. PeaceDrummer

    Preliminary HSC Yearly Exams Thoughts & Results

    :] Thanks! Teachers always tell me to study, they just never tell me what it is. It doesn't seem that bad..
  13. PeaceDrummer

    Subject choices for yr12

    .. I had to do Society and Culture.. They made me! "7 years of school gone if you make one mistake.." They wouldn't let me go onto the Year 12 course till I picked up one more unit. So I dropped Ext Eng and kept Society and Culture.. Still, the PIP sounds ok, considering I have an idea: American...
  14. PeaceDrummer

    Preliminary HSC Yearly Exams Thoughts & Results

    I don't understand how you study. Do you just read the notes you made the day, or highlight sheets teachers gave you? :S At the moment I ain't doing any study (probably cause I don't have any idea what to do) I'm just waiting for an assignment to appear and to get right into it. ..Gee, I'm...
  15. PeaceDrummer

    Post your handwriting 09ers

    HAHA! I got that same question in my Soc + C exam. That exam was boring, I made a pirate hat and put it on my head. The teachers were shocked and didn't know if they should kick me out or not. It was hilarious.
  16. PeaceDrummer

    Did anyone else bludge through the entire of Year 11?

    Gee. I've read about a couple of people that bludged Society and Culture and failed miserably. Wow. I bludged the most in that subject but didn't fail. It was soo easy, all you have to do is talk about crap. I did that and got i48/50 in the half yearly exam and assignments 46/50 marks.. I...
  17. PeaceDrummer

    Did anyone else bludge through the entire of Year 11?

    Heck yes! :D I just kept telling myself, meh, Year 11 doesn't count towards anything. In the Year 12 course I will study all the time and try hard and not do last minute assingments. Haha, can not wait to see if thsi will come true. We begin the HSC course next week. Gah!
  18. PeaceDrummer

    doing 10 units??

    I want to do 10 units. The school ain't letting me, well, they would. But I HAVE to convince them why i should be allowed. They told me they don't want to be responsible for me if I fail. But I argued that it's all really about the school's image and I quoted the teacher by saying "Life goes...