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  1. EY

    Anyone for Ecos-talk?

    Eco can go die
  2. EY

    You call that an Exam?

    You'd think the people who write the exams have the syllabus in front of them... Honestly, the night before we could have forgetten about IPT and slept.. and the next morning instead of waking up early to cram some of that crap in our minds... we could of slept in... it was a pointless exam...
  3. EY

    Who is ready for it :D

    yeh i got 10/20 for the 2004 one... pfft.. hope tomorrow is easier
  4. EY

    Who is ready for it :D

    Did you guys find the 2004 multiple choice questions to be way harder than the 2002 & 2003 ones? I did really crap for 2004
  5. EY

    the 'holy fuck im gonna die in IPT' thread

    hmmm all i know is project work.... basics... i got nothing for tomorrow
  6. EY

    3U students - how did u go?

    Yeh, it sucked, didnt like it at all.... and that was only 2U... wait till after 3U.... oh dear...
  7. EY

    General Thoughts: Mathematics 2005

    it was crap.... glad thats over
  8. EY

    The thread for those who f***ed it up...

    It's over and done with...
  9. EY

    Family LCMD thread

    so in regard to adoption we only need to know the 'Adoption Act 2000'?
  10. EY

    Family LCMD thread

    Has the 'Adoption Act 2000' replaced: -Adoption of Children Act (NSW) 1975 -Adoption Information Act (NSW) 1990 -Adoption of Children (Amendment Act) (NSW) 1982 ???
  11. EY

    Who has Global Enviro Notes?

    I think about all study guides basically dont have global environment in it! Macmillan is just a fat, useless book thats killing trees!!!
  12. EY

    Early Entry for 2006

    I got a guaranteed for: B. Information and communication tech B. Mathematics Conditional: B. Maths and Economics
  13. EY

    Who has Global Enviro Notes?

    Its like gold, its beautiful, its great! Thank You... Macmillan Textbook... definately bad source!
  14. EY

    Who has Global Enviro Notes?

    Hey, Does anyone out there who does Global Environment have any notes? Any notes at all? Besides those posted in the resourses area in BOS. Anything at all?? A paragraph, a sentence, a line, anything about global environment. I know nothing, I have nothing, my textbook has nothing that makes...
  15. EY

    Permutations & combinations

    nope... it's not happening
  16. EY

    Permutations & combinations

    Can somebody please tell me what the ! means?
  17. EY

    IPT Trial Results

    58%... woahhhh yup crapski's... I came 4th..... 3rd was 59%... 2nd was 61%....1st was 72%
  18. EY

    CSSA results

    ha... i got 59%..... woahhhhhh that sucks!!! i came 3rd... 2nd was 62% then 1st was 80%!
  19. EY

    Trials Results

    34/50..... ranked 26th...
  20. EY

    Legal MSN study group...

    eyoung11@hotmail.com Family & Global Enviro