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  1. RohanZ

    Session 3 (Summer School)

    I'm doing Busl320 in summer school.. not sure how intensive it'll be, but I think I should be ready for it. :S
  2. RohanZ

    Actuarial Studies

    If you guys actually bothered to check the Faculty of Business and Economics subforum, you'd see there's a stickied thread about Actuarial Studies at Macq.
  3. RohanZ

    Occupy Wall St

    nah cos rights for transgender people automatically supersedes that of any actual real world problems
  4. RohanZ

    Occupy Wall St

    Still not sure why the socialist 'tards are "Occupying" cities in Australia. all they've done is hijacked a movement and taken away the real concern behind the Wall st protests. Not that we're in the same state as the US. at all.
  5. RohanZ

    Going on Exchange on 3rd year

    I'm currently a 2nd year student, doing a 4 year degree. Just wondering if it'd be terribly difficult to go on exchange at the start of my 4th year (1st sem)? I'm really keen for it and reckon the experience would definitely be worth the cost.
  6. RohanZ

    Applying for special consideration- is it worth it?

    yeah, this is a serious issue that can, or has, affected your ability to perform at your best for the exam. I say go for it. Though I'm not too sure what the Unit administrator is gonna ask of you for proof lol. :/
  7. RohanZ

    Wtf at library today

    indeed, but i'm going to start taking the initiative a la Cyan phoenix- drop their shit if they've been gone for more than 15 minutes.
  8. RohanZ

    Wtf at library today

    Haha, just today at the library, I couldn't find a seat and i'd been wandering around for about 10 minutes. Security saw me and asked me if i was looking for a seat. He asked me to follow him and led me to a table which was clearly occupied by someone but had left their shit on the table and...
  9. RohanZ

    27/5/10 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? [full class cancelled, argument, security called]

    Re: Thursday 27/5/2010 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? This has been happening from time to time with the computers my tutors use in our tutes. 99% of the time, they're unable to use it because the computer is just completely overrun with viruses and other junk. Only the staff have access to these...
  10. RohanZ

    27/5/10 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? [full class cancelled, argument, security called]

    Re: Thursday 27/5/2010 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? yeah, i was in it. Bill insisted that people leave because of complaints made by other students of overcrowding and of above said reasons (fire hazard, OH%S etc) No one really left, though. I decided to leave sinc ei thought i'd just i-lecture...
  11. RohanZ

    Mandatory Internet Censorship in Australia

    I love how Conroy labels anyone who opposes this filter as kiddy porn lovers. Clearly he knows shit about the potential effects of the filter. Why not just put money to stop actual distributors of such material? Rather than taking a whole "lol we no lyk wat u see on net so we blok it lol" stance.
  12. RohanZ

    Anyone wants to join the gym

    ... dude, did you *not* see the thread "UNI GYM~!!!", or did you just decide to annoy everyone?
  13. RohanZ

    Problem with enrolment

    yeah,.. i'd suggest enrolling in something like mktg101, just to fill 2nd sem, Since you're doing Commerce, you can choose pretty much any 100 level business/commerce unit. Not possible for you to do ECON204 and 110 at the same time, though.
  14. RohanZ


    There aren't any tutes for GMN 104, are there? My estudent is showing that I haven't completed my registration in GMN 104, even though i've enrolled in the 1st of two classes available (lectures). thanks in advance, guyz EDIT: nevermind, turns out i missed enrolling in my second lecture...
  15. RohanZ

    Units 2010

    Sem 1: ACCG200, ACCG250, BUSL250 and GMN104 Sem 2: ACCG253, ECON204, ACST201 and GMN 105 ah, seems alright.
  16. RohanZ


    Why is this so hard to believe? News articles and reports come out of the Islamic countries pretty often stating exactly that. Examples being execution for being an apostate etc. Fear and intimidation seems to be the way to go for those people in Islamic countries. :/ They're free to leave...
  17. RohanZ


    It's not a second season, it's a continuation of the first. The show was put on hiatus 'til April. Still, pretty fucking good show, tbh.
  18. RohanZ


    ^ This. It also needs to be said that women in Arab/Muslim countries are often indoctrinated from a young age to uphold the 'values' of Islam. Which often means a forfeit of many freedoms for the said women. They're brought up thinking that whatever freedom is offered to them is what will...
  19. RohanZ

    PROGRESS IS SAUDI ARABIA: First female TV presenter dressed as a ninja

    yeah, well, here's a nice surprise, wait for it; you live in secular Australia! =D Where barbaric and dehumanising customs, rituals or laws, for that matter, have no place in this society. If your parents were to treat you like that, here, pretty sure you'll be handed over to child...
  20. RohanZ

    32 v 64 bit

    heard that win7 32 bit has an option to utilise 4 gigs of ram, or something. not too sure. But yeah, using 64 bit Win7 Pro. It's going pretty well. Even with Vista, I had no issues. Just make sure your hardware and anything else has 64 bit drivers to accomodate them.