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  1. MortImmortelle

    UTS - Semester 1 2010 Guestimates + Official Results (21 July 2010) thread

    It's the 'email my complete academic transcript' link in results... When you get that it shows you your new GPA....Using whatever your old GPA was you can calculate a vague estimate of how you went...
  2. MortImmortelle

    UTS - Semester 1 2010 Guestimates + Official Results (21 July 2010) thread

    The new GPA is released if anyone is interested =)
  3. MortImmortelle

    ITT things that make you face palm at the gym.

    This PT stealing my spot (and other girls') when I go to fill up my water or take my weights for her clients when i'm still using them just because she thinks she can. Without even asking. Fact that NO ONE seems to put away their equiptment when they are done! People that feel a need to...
  4. MortImmortelle

    Strength training for women?

    this might not seem related but you might like this website stumptuous.com Entertaining and interesting information. You might get some ideas...
  5. MortImmortelle

    Assumed knowledge for UTS?

    ...and to answer the question properly, I don't think you need to do a bridging course for maths unless you really struggled with it in high school, in which case it wouldn't do any harm. It's good practise to what it'd be like in physics though its all explained in the course and i didn't...
  6. MortImmortelle

    Assumed knowledge for UTS?

    For first year science, they do use 2/3u maths. They explain it to you as you go anyway so without a bridging course you'd be fine. (I suck at maths so I was shit at physics anyway and i did 3u course :P) As for chemistry, Chemistry 1 is pretty much hsc chemistry so was a LOT easier for me...
  7. MortImmortelle

    Favourite Author

    Anne Rice
  8. MortImmortelle

    What is your all time favourite book?

    Interview with the Vampire and Picture of Dorian Gray <3!!!
  9. MortImmortelle

    Microwaves and Hot Water

    So I was wondering...is Building 1 near the vending machines the only place where there are microwaves and hot water? Is there anywhere else in any other buildings?
  10. MortImmortelle

    double degree with international studies HELP!!!!!

    Well I am doing Japanese right now and a guy in my class is planning to do a thesis instead of the exchange. Apparently you can do that but I haven't looked into it. Maybe you should enquire with someone at enquiries about it. I'm in the same situation but hoping to save a bit by then ><"
  11. MortImmortelle

    UTS - Semester 2 2009 Guestimates + Official Results (16 December 2009) thread

    Japanese 2: D/C Molecular Biology: P Human Pathophysiology:C *fingers crossed*
  12. MortImmortelle

    Medical and Diagnostic Biochemistry

    Anyone done it? Anyone know anyone that does it? What was it like? I'm thinking of taking this subject up and would like to know a little more. Any info would be good
  13. MortImmortelle

    Result Withheld?

    ok i checked again today and it's up for me. Probably working by now :)
  14. MortImmortelle

    Result Withheld?

    I did a special consideration make up exam (i don't know what its called) and they still havent put the results up. Anyone know when they should be released? I thought it would be 21st but I still don't have anything up.
  15. MortImmortelle

    shaved or bush?

    trimmed close for girls and guys natural or slightly trimmed i guess if things are too much xD
  16. MortImmortelle

    new partner- do you have them tested for STD's before sex?

    Definately get checked. I mean it's been four months i'm sure you both have talked about a lot of things before =) Have you ever talked about having previous sexual partners? Just talk about getting tested generally and then see what he's thoughts rae on the matter and then bring it around to...
  17. MortImmortelle

    Why do you eat FAST FOOD?

    Convinience, price and it fills you up pretty well
  18. MortImmortelle

    What's your fav. drink?

    I love Boost Mango Passion Smoothie..(is that what its called?). Jim Bean and Cola or Absolut Current/Peach with lemonade and lime is my usual. yum Warm drink would probably be Hot chocolate with many marshmellows now that i'm avoiding caffiene or Iced Coffee ^^
  19. MortImmortelle

    Mother v V v Red Bull v Rockstar

    V for me. Red bull gives me this really bad low...rather odd. I liked the old Mother, the new one seems a bit like V to me though. I prefered the old one.. I always go for V. Haven't tried this Rockstar one
  20. MortImmortelle

    Japanese Ramen

    Yes!! Love this stuff...mm so good...*drools*