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  1. SnivysTrainer

    How to solve this question ?

    No worries. It happens to the best of us, and I am definitely nowhere near the best. ^^
  2. SnivysTrainer

    How to solve this question ?

    Wouldn't that make the second ratio 9:1 though? The ratio of 1:9 has 10 parts, whereas the ratio of 8:9 has 17. I could be mistaken, but the way I did it was to say that 17 parts = [(87/2)sin60] so 1 part = [(87/2)sin60]/17. Therefore, 8 parts = [(87/2)sin60]/17 x 8. I think that's right...
  3. SnivysTrainer

    Global Village - Hep me!!

    Prescribed text is The Castle. I've got the song Californication by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as a backup, but I really want something better than that.
  4. SnivysTrainer

    Global Village - Hep me!!

    I cannot find a good related text for the Global Village. Can anyone help me with this?
  5. SnivysTrainer


    Yes. Space is always important. I'm probably just going to be repeating stuff that's already been said, but I'm saying it again. Space in a relationship allows you to have a break from the constant attention you're giving and being given, which lets your mind have a rest and refresh itself, so...
  6. SnivysTrainer

    Men that can grow a beard. How often do you need to shave to keep clean?

    I've got a beard, and to keep it neat I shave once about every second or third day.
  7. SnivysTrainer

    Help with Water Testing

    Wow, thanks. How did I not see that before?! :awesome:
  8. SnivysTrainer

    Help with Water Testing

    What are some chemical tests to determine the level and types of contaminants in water? I can't really find anything. Help plz? :confused2:
  9. SnivysTrainer

    inspirational quotes

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world." - Albert Einstein
  10. SnivysTrainer

    Distinctively Visual Related Text

    Okay, so, I am doing Lawson's short stories as the prescribed text for distinctively visual, and the best related text I can come up with is Pirates of the Caribbean. I need help either linking this one to Lawson, or finding a completely new text. :eek2:
  11. SnivysTrainer

    Friend issues. Am I overreacting? Tell me I'm overreacting and it'll be okay.

    I second that, although I am not one of them.
  12. SnivysTrainer

    Friend issues. Am I overreacting? Tell me I'm overreacting and it'll be okay.

    I really hate people like that, so I know how you feel. Try your absolute best to avoid her, because it sounds like she's using a very sneaky method of indirectly bullying you. That said, I do agree with enoilgam. Try talking with her, girl to girl, even though you are rather shy, talking about...
  13. SnivysTrainer

    impact of ac generators on society

    10 years in the future, the syllabus point still has not changed at all.
  14. SnivysTrainer

    are guys as tough as we think?

    I agree. We act like we're bulletproof, but really we're just like the girls. I'm not being sexist, I'm saying that we get hurt as much as they do when we are faced with a breakup. I should know.
  15. SnivysTrainer


    While I am 17, I am not very mentally sound. At least that's what I tell everybody.
  16. SnivysTrainer

    Need Questions Answered?

    I can offer advice on what TO do as well. I do have experience with that as well.
  17. SnivysTrainer


    I am a member. Do you mean a premium member?
  18. SnivysTrainer


    So... I can't upload my own?
  19. SnivysTrainer


    Yeah, I do. How do I do it?
  20. SnivysTrainer


    Come on guys. I need to know.