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  1. nomz


    i gots it aswell, what i wanna know is who the hell has enough time to sit around and personalise it for each individual email address?
  2. nomz

    Parkway Drive + Regurgitator at UNI Bar

    definately goin to the gurg!!!
  3. nomz

    Happy Semester 2

    lol... my break was spent in hibernation, was kinda a zombie all day... And whats with mid-session break being 10 weeks away?!?! I cant wait that long- already lost all motivation! Oh wells, hope the festive season of spring uni is "enjoyable" for everyone...
  4. nomz

    Timetables: Hows things for you?

    only 10 contact hours?!?!?! oh i envy that... i had 27 last session, 28 this one. Yay! If second year timetables are as crappy i think i might start living out my life-long ambition of becominig a professional dole bludger... i would go home, but the trains suck...
  5. nomz

    Timetables: Hows things for you?

    nah that all i could get. Monday 8.30- 6.30 (4hr break) Tuesday 8.30-1.30 (no break), wed just sucks, thurs 4.30-5.30 (doubt i'll turn up) fri 8.30-5.30 (another 4hr break). Should be... fun. First day of session hasn't even started yet, but i'm aleady over uni...
  6. nomz

    Timetables: Hows things for you?

    chem lab- 6.30-9.30... not looking forward to it at all. The science/ engineering schedule is so dodgy!
  7. nomz

    Timetables: Hows things for you?

    i think my wed bets you all- 8.30am start - 9.30pm finish- 13hrs at uni with only one hour break :( sucks! i have 8.30 starts on mon, tues and fri as well- couldn't be bothered getting up that early so most likely won't be turning up that often... thursday only there 2hrs so probably wont...
  8. nomz

    1st yr physics kids

    i think we're meant to do the laboratory exercise before our prac this week... tho i'm 141 but i wen't to the 131 lab orientation thing and even tho i did tune out big time i vaguely recall the dude saying we had to do the lab exercise... maybe the prelab too if you know what experiment your doing
  9. nomz

    Answering physics questions..

    they're actually already in the resource section of this page.... they are the sample/ exemplar exam responses
  10. nomz

    Answering physics questions..

    I'll see if i can copy the files off the disk and link them somehow for ya ... its a disk the board of studies used to put out after the HSC each year with all the questions with all level responses ie band 1 to band 6... the band 1's are fairly funny.... but its scary how detailed the band 6's...
  11. nomz


    my sympathy is with you! i hated speeches so much! My hands always shook like crazy, my face went bright red and i couldn't say the words properly and would almost cry cuz people used to laugh at how ridiculously nervous i was... Infact a couple of times i stopped half way through said "i cant...
  12. nomz

    Hamlet/ Rosencrutz and Guildenstern?

    i did it last year... thought it was awesome! it was my strongest module...
  13. nomz

    Help with CO2 soulubility equilibrium

    try the csu hsc online site- http://hsc.csu.edu.au/chemistry/core/acidic there's a few notes there...
  14. nomz

    help me asap please

    is this all about say seperating an element from its ores... i cant remember exactly but i vaguely recall from prelim something about seperating aluminium from bauxite- first the bauxite is crushed to extract aluminium oxide and then electroylsis is used to seperate the pure Al. Is this the...
  15. nomz

    Shot at UAI with 10u

    i did the HSC last year with only 10 units and got a UAI over 90. If you think doing the 12 units will just be stressful etc its probably best just to do the ten units and concentrate on doing well with them rather than attempting the 12 then losing motivation etc... that said however extension...
  16. nomz

    Answering physics questions..

    if you can get a copy of the standards disk... i don't think they did one the last couple of years, but the 2002 one is still relevant... it would help cuz it has a whole heap of example responses from HSC exams and it shows what you needed to write to get band 6 etc responses and full marks/ no...
  17. nomz

    concerning text books

    success is just a bunch of old hsc questions, but it does give quite detailed answers... so its pretty good... personally never used jacaranda so don't know how good it is. Have you checked out the csu web-site? it gives dot point by dot point summaries...
  18. nomz

    Student Card Photo

    my licence photo is worse...
  19. nomz

    What is the hardest part of the Syllubus

    i found most of the first module ok... it was the acid and base one i hated! But if i had to pick my weakest part i'd say probably hte radiation stuff- cuz we never actually learnt it properly and i had no idea what how you made radioisotopes etc so i had to make up stuff
  20. nomz

    UOW offers

    heya! Congratulations to everyone! I got my first preference- Bachelor Science (honors) (Advanced program)- so i was stoked considering initially i didn't even think i'd make it to uni. Can't wait! Should be awesome! Hope to see lots of new faces wandering around at o-week :-)