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  1. sillysana

    Section 1 - Law & Society

    it was so bad that i had to do eenie meenie miny mo with some...it was too hard!!!!! damn them BOS wierd ass losers, if i dont get into uni...i'll blame them...not me for not studying LOL
  2. sillysana

    Who failed?

    dont worry sophiedale...just go to schoolies and BURN that "gayest exam ever" i feel ur pain, i probably did really crap...especially in mc anywayyysssss....hsc over....the marks are LOCKED in....
  3. sillysana

    Legal Studies 2006 - general thoughts on the exam

    i think the multiple choice was extremely gay i didnt know any non legal human rights measure so i just wrote about HREOC...hoping that i'd at least get some marks. The 12 mark question was totally random, i wrote ANYTHING that came to mind...hardly put any thought into it. Family...
  4. sillysana

    Leave Early?

    It was quite a hard exam, but still better than the trials... i'll hopefully at least pass for the pathogen question...i had never come across a question like that in the past andanswered it really wierdly....the multiple choice was gayyy 1 more exam left wooohooo
  5. sillysana

    Crime Fiction - Essay

    No im not doing a medical degree, i was implying that i thought you would! Im actually interested in a degree in international studies or tourism management! thanks for asking.
  6. sillysana

    How Many Pages Did You Write?

    no offence, but i feel sorry for the person who has to mark your 48 page essay. But then i guess i feel sorry for the person who has to mark my essay since its an 8 page peace of crap lol
  7. sillysana

    Crime Fiction - Essay

    Your way too smart for your own good, and you make me feel like i was writing year 10 eglish lol...anyway goodluck and all....someones going to be doing a medical degree next year!!
  8. sillysana

    How Many Pages Did You Write?

    i wrote 8 pages for both parts
  9. sillysana

    Crime Fiction - Essay

    Yeah!! it was way better then some trial and past papers, truly! I think i did ok...but i really cant tell how they mark
  10. sillysana

    What Did You Think?

    LOL!! thats funny...povo country lol but yeah, i was totally freestyle with my story. It was so pathetic i couldnt stop laughing the whole way through, the examiners kept giving me wierd looks... And the guy on the bike.... i made him be chased by the detective, so he pedals really fast and...
  11. sillysana

    That exam was perfect in every way.

    Er...nothing is ever PERFECT especially in the HSC...im happy for you if you think you did well....but can you stop rubbing it in for all us losers... It was O.K
  12. sillysana

    im F*CKED!

    Re: be optimistic Ohh.... dont worry...we all have a weak subject....for example i know that biology on monday is going to wreck my chances of getting a descent UAI...so yeah Just study now so you can party extra harder after the exams
  13. sillysana

    Trotsky Personality

    omg!! u just made me realise how i stuffed up....no way!!! i wrote about primary and secondary sources and how the depict balance of interpretations whatever...omg i an sooo failing that question!!!! ALL CONFIDENCE LOST!! :bomb:
  14. sillysana

    Arab-Israeli Question - What did you think?

    i thought 1948 was a gay question so i did intifada which i studied more....but i think i did my worst in this sections...its a hard topic truly
  15. sillysana

    So what did everyone think of it??

    we are ssssooooo getting scaled down....dont u guys realise that they check these sites to spy on us and now they'll mark hard....ok cough cough# I t was extremely diffifult!!!### nah but seriously i think i did ok but i dont want to keep my hopes up...goodluck to all.......3 exams left yay
  16. sillysana

    Module A: Comparative Study of Texts and Context

    I really hope the markers are thinking on the same wavelength as you!! Because thats practically how i wrote my essay.... When i read the question i though of alot of interpretations but i didnt want to take the risk so i just wrote quite generally.....Gosh! the nerve of tho BOS!!! dont they...
  17. sillysana

    General Thoughts: English Adv. Paper 2 (Modules)

    YAY its over!.....Today was WAYYYY better than paper one...... I didnt memorise essays but i studied heaps... so i could plan the essays and all.... I was happy with the questions...they were a bit gay and specific BUT...i managed reasonably well....i was smiling through reading time and the...
  18. sillysana

    What were first impressions of the atmosphere and the supervisors?

    The atmosphere was.....wierd..... We had to do ours in a church hall and our supervisors were ANNOYING they kept on interrupting us throughout the exam....they even went up to one guy and asked him what speculation meant....WTF???????? I mean isnt that not allowed....
  19. sillysana

    For People Who Did Bad!!!

    worst english exam ever....i am soooo screwed!!! And then you have to come back home and tell your parents : "Oh yeah. It was great....im SURELY getting a UAI of 99.9%"