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    Law students and their unwarranted ego.

    "You are nothing but arts student, and everyone knows it, except you" I take real offence to that statement - not because you are equating a Law degree to an Arts degree, but to the fact you’ve decided that while Law students are snobs for thinking their degree is better/harder than anyone...
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    Lol thats cool, I was just a little confused! :)

    Lol thats cool, I was just a little confused! :)
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    Can I get over 80 now if I do well in the HSC?

    Hey thanks for the help - I did do my HSC in 2007, lol, just to settle the confusion, I was asking for a friend.
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    I'm sorry - who on earth is this? And whats with the utterly bizarre comments on my page? lol

    I'm sorry - who on earth is this? And whats with the utterly bizarre comments on my page? lol
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    Can I get over 80 now if I do well in the HSC?

    Hey! Thanks for the quick reply. I am not sure of all my ranks... Accounting - Ranked 1 or 2 Business - Ranked 5 English - Ranked between 5 - 10? Legal Studies and Ancient I am not sure, but I would be closer to the bottom of my class My school rank is 161, i am pretty sure. I...
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    Can I get over 80 now if I do well in the HSC?

    Hi guys - currently my school marks are: Accounting: 92 (final mark, no external examination) Ancient History: 65 Legal Studies: 65 English: 75 Business Studies: 80 I know right now my marks aren't high enough to get 80 ATAR, but I was wondering, if I worked really hard for the...
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    Germany Questions? Will they plit them weimar/nazi

    No! Don't assume they will split them lol. i did my HSC last year, my whole year was hoping for a question on the collapse on weimar and it was both on nazism. well one was on foreign policy, the other on culture in both weimar and nazi times. You can definitely favour one of your topics, but...
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    How to answer "effectiveness of the legal system"

    Make sure to look in your syllabus! Depending what area you are doing, it always sets out the effectiveness criteria you need to analyse the legal system from. took me ages to realise that lol my teacher failed to mention it.
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    2006 Hsc Question. Help??

    its referring to the "effectiveness" section of the syllabus - its near the end of crime. it gives you the differenent issues to consider e.g. cost, time etc. i remember i did anti terrorism when i practiced that question, so i focussed on like the protection of individual rights, the weighing...
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    How does legal studies compare to university law?

    Hey! i;ve just started a combined degree in arts/law at macquarie this year (most uni's don't let you do straight law as an undergraduate, so yeah you are stuck there for 5 years lol) I am really liking - but it is ENTIRELY different from legal. thats mainly because we start with...
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    Langton's Pride + Prejudice

    Hey yeah i agree that you shouldn't really be referring to anything 20th century....at least not in the real exam but i remember my teacher saying that langton's version was much more sexualised - like with mr collins walking up and seeing lydia in her nightgown, it just wouldn;t have...
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    Scientific/Economic Paradigms in Browning?

    Hey! Its a long while back for me lol but the laboratory definitely has some scientific paradigms in it - the protagonist is breaking the norm and entering the male dominated realm of science, ironically in order to try and maintain the norm of keeping a husband. Badly worded but hopefully you...
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    Urgently wanting to know what Hist115, or possibly Hist114, are like

    hey chocolatecookie, thats awesome we're doing the same degree! lol i just wanted to decide by noon today so i can start working out my timetable, because i'm enrolling tomorrow, and have heard the timetable thingo can be quite confusing. in terms of majors, you usually have one, though you...
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    Urgently wanting to know what Hist115, or possibly Hist114, are like

    hey, thanks for getting back so quickly! i'm doing arts/law, so i am doing jurisprudence for law, then have chosen intro to psychology 1 and philosophy, morality, society. so with hist115, what kind of stuff do you look at? i know it starts with the big bang which i thought was a bit weird...
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    Urgently wanting to know what Hist115, or possibly Hist114, are like

    Hey! i need to pick my first years subject for my BA tomorrow, i have no idea what i want to major in but i love history so i wanted to do some mod history units, however both 114 and 115 didn;t seem to interest me, and they are the only ones available in semester 1. if anyone has taken...
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    Crime "Identify and analyse TWO conditions that have led to..."

    i did a similar thing to most people here. i did: 1. Changing community standards and attitudes and discussed the decriminalisation of homosexuality, and also domestic violence 2. Failure of existing law, and discussed how the failure of existing criminal laws to protect australians lead to...
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    shitting bricks.

    oh god i know, i killed myself studying for history ext and eco, and now i am just so over it. am not going to start learning my family essay until like 9pm tonight...if i have one written by then! lol good luck to you all. cant wait for it all to be over tomorrow!
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    Thoughts on the exam

    live.fast, i wouldn;t stress, i didn;t make a judgement about the source - i think it is up to you whether you want to analyse it, or simply use the issues it brings up to evaluate other historians. yeah, i think the source was slightly post modernist, but i don't think that just becuase he...
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    Elizabethan's galore.

    yeah i only did 2 areas of debate, Identity/Gender and Religion with three historians: Neale, Camden and Haigh - and just that took me a bit over an hour to write! i thought the question was fine once you thought about it, i kind of argued that historians attempt to understand the past...
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    Thoughts on the exam

    I thought the Q1 was kind of hard because the source didn't take a specific modernist or post modernist persepctive - and it just asked so many rhetorical questions!! lol but the actual question was fine. Q2 was fine once i thought about it, but my introduction was pretty bad I got 15-16...