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    Is the work / assessments harder at a top university?

    Agree with above. A HD WAM (with law) is hard to achieve. It requires a lot of time, appropriately directed effort and most of all, consistency.
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    Assessing my options

    But I want to work for the Goldman Sachs.
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    Crobat yells at you until you're okay with the HSC starting soon

    I went to uni with Crobat, can vouch for this^ hahaha jks jks :P
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    Atar estimate pls!!!!

    What's your school rank?
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    External transfer USYD Commerce/Law

    Try the Business Student Information office, they will tell you what units will be credited.
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    Post Your 2014 University Offers Here

    USYD Combined Law and Commerce
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    USYD Roll Call 2014

    Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Commerce
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    UTS law vs USYD arts --> law

    Usually 20 in law seminars (personalised lectures and tutorials)
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    Explanation of resources boom

    Hi there, A resource boom is usually characterised by extremely high demand for a nation's commodities e.g. iron ore. Australia went through a boom (probably still is going but running slower than before) which was caused by China and India's peak demand for our non-renewable resources. They...
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    UTS 2013 Spring Semester Exams and Results

    What's the cutoff for merit list for business this year? My UTS gpa went from 3.73 to 3.77. Pretty happy :)
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    UTS 2013 Spring Semester Exams and Results

    How'd everyone go? :)
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    Belonging Related

    Otherwise, freedom writers is probably the better one to choose out of the few you have listed.
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    Belonging Related

    Check out Nam Le's collections, very good for belonging analysis and in my opinion, not picked by many.
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    How do you evaluate the success of strategies on econ growth?

    i) Select the main strategies e.g. strategies for recovery from the post-GFC period. ii) Explain the strategies individually including statistics and the effect on the economy iii) Evaluate whether the strategies have been effective/successful in bringing out the desired changes to the economy
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    China's revalued currency?

    From memory, a pegged currency that has a fixed rate of exchange with other countries e.g. we fixed the Chinese Yuan so 6 Chinese Yuan = 1 Australian dollar. But if we were to depeg it then the exchange rate can vary according to market demand and supply fluctuations. Historically, China has...
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    UTS 2013 Spring Semester Exams and Results

    Wasn't that bad… Finished nearly 2 hours early :P
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    UTS 2013 Spring Semester Exams and Results

    Don't worry haha. We will just have to wait and see, you said your PWC app wasn't great and you ended up getting in so don't be so quick to dismiss your chances!! :P
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    United Kingdom for globalisation case study???

    China is the easiest to do research on/find statistics for. Economic growth and development strategies such as the 5 year plans are especially well publicised.
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    China Case Study

    Perhaps you could place this under impacts on economic growth and development. I would probably bring this point up towards the end of your body paragraph on economic growth OR development. More weight should be placed on China's special economic zones and strength throughout GFC and post-GFC...