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  1. ThandraCityRail

    had to read some quality shit in general disc

    had to read some quality shit in general disc
  2. ThandraCityRail

    Anyone with Computer building experience?

    arc liverpool are cool and they have most of the parts but make sure to ring them up before hand as unlike msy they actually answer
  3. ThandraCityRail

    Anyone with Computer building experience?

    $1600 for a gaming rig with a $250 gpu? that's a joke get the 7870 windows 8? lol change to caviar green (don't need black/blue because you've got an ssd anyway) 800w gold is a joke... a 650w hx corsair should be fine for sli why the sabertooth over the extreme4? like $100+ cheaper and...
  4. ThandraCityRail

    Throwing an all nighter

    just memorised two quotes for two speeches on mod b will hang out of my closet if they specify certain speeches
  5. ThandraCityRail

    Throwing an all nighter

    fark let's do this cbf studying my prescribed text for mod c so im just going to make one up on the spot haha
  6. ThandraCityRail

    League of Legends!

    i suggest checking out some streams on twitch or own3d tournaments been going on for the past few months all leading up to october where there's a $3mill or 5mill prize pool (advertised as biggest in esports history) so you should def check that out
  7. ThandraCityRail

    Desktop build

    ok firstly i doubt that 120gb SSD by itself will last you long so either swap it for an HDD or just add a separate HDD try and upgrade the 560 to a 560ti, much much better performance everything else seems solid do you already have the o/s? you also won't be able to overclock the cpu
  8. ThandraCityRail

    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    same gameplay? csgo has a totally different gameplay style to 1.6
  9. ThandraCityRail

    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    yeah lol is easier when starting up but at pro play it's pretty much the same lol requires actual teamwork where from what iv'e seen in dota u can go in and 1v5 their whole team lol has a MUCH MUCH MUCH better competitive scene than both games put together and is continuing to grow greatly...
  10. ThandraCityRail

    Is cramming an effective study technique?

    i cram and not because it's better but because i'm lazy as hell and would much rather play games than do consistent study over the year that being said, cramming still gets the job done it depends on what result you want. cramming will obv fail if you want 99+ but if you have some intellect +...
  11. ThandraCityRail

    What are the most interesting facts you have learned in Modern History?

    revenge will always happen eventually
  12. ThandraCityRail

    What's the difference between aligning and scaling?

    wait so when you put marks into an atar calculator, are they your raw marks or aligned marks? aligned right? if so, how do your makrs get scaled with raw marks? little confused
  13. ThandraCityRail

    Is anyone else doing Sun Yat-sen?

    or am I the only sorry one? literally finding it impossible to write concise notes on the guy. there's a whole dot point on his marriage in the syllabus but only have a single sentence on it don't even get me started on historians
  14. ThandraCityRail

    How to write a conflicting perspectives essay and link your materials?

    my teacher said that you don't really need to link texts unless stated you can if you want to, but i don't think it matters
  15. ThandraCityRail

    Attendance in year 12??

    it's not enforced by bos, so unless your school are complete douche's it won't matter or unless you missed like every second day
  16. ThandraCityRail

    Steam Summer Sale

    so gey it was 20% off throughout and now they've increased it slightly, they know everyone wants dayz don't think it's worth $18
  17. ThandraCityRail

    Prominent Australian youtuber steals thousands of dollars from seriously ill children

    Re: Prominent Australian youtuber steals thousands of dollars from seriously ill chil didn't he use to own some mansion ("the fab ranch")? anyways the guy's a bigoted moron and blocked me on youtube after disagreeing with him on one of his videos... doesn't surprise me at all
  18. ThandraCityRail

    Do you believe in God?

    opps lol, meant life
  19. ThandraCityRail

    Do you believe in God?

    on a somewhat related point, 46% of people in the US believe in the biblical origins of life*, rather than evolution (even though it's fact). Some in the US believe that God created evolution, some believe that there was never any evolution and that the universe was created in 6 days. there...
  20. ThandraCityRail

    Dark Knight Rises Shooting in Denver

    yeah i jumped the gun a bit there but a better solution than reconsidering gun laws would be to stop publicising these events and making them out to be big deals. a lot of these guys want the publicity, and so do future mass murderers