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  1. JB10

    Lectopia lecture recordings password.

    Are you using internet explorer or firefox? Use firefox. Whenever I use internet explorer they ask for a username/password.. Mozilla goes straight to the stream without password needed
  2. JB10

    The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Thread

    Going to Australia vs Serbia at Darling Harbour tonight. GOOOO AUSTRALIA. Don't think we'll be making it through though :(
  3. JB10

    The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Thread

    It's not like Ronaldinho is injured.. Brazil didn't choose him because he is no longer any good.
  4. JB10

    The Pay Thread

    New job at a call center, $21 an hour.. YEAAHH
  5. JB10

    September 11

    Re: Official: September 11
  6. JB10

    We made a mistake with Rudd, didn't we?

    lol @ all the dumb fucks that voted Rudd in... Fuck the australian voters - god damn morons
  7. JB10

    does anyone not drink

    I drink Guinness. :hammer:
  8. JB10

    Who would you date?

    Lame thread.
  9. JB10

    So did any1 get a job yet?

    Nope, same rates all the time.. Except public holidays which is double time and a half (35 an hour) which is pretty sweet. Hopefully I'll land some of those
  10. JB10

    What is your financial status?

    Age: 18 Money in Bank: $500 Current Assets: Pretty much nothing! Loans: I own nothing and I owe nothing. Job: Video Ezy. About 25 hours a week
  11. JB10

    How old will you be when you graduate from uni?

    I will have just turned either 22 or 23 (depends which course I end up choosing)
  12. JB10

    Rules for Staff

    Video Ezy FTW
  13. JB10

    God wants gays dead, says beauty queen

    Great... Now we're talking about thermodynamics. :uhoh:
  14. JB10


    Best.... season finale.... ever
  15. JB10

    The Pay Thread

    18, Video Ezy. $13.81 per hour. My manager has promised a pay rise sometime in the next month.
  16. JB10

    Never Gonna Get A Job. HELP!

    Yes... Yes it is
  17. JB10

    Who else can't find work?

    Thanks. I put my resume in about 2 weeks ago. One of my mates works there and I asked him to put in a word for me, which he did.. It just so happened that they were looking for someone to run the store because the 2 'managers' are starting Uni this year. 80% luck just like finding any job I think :)
  18. JB10

    So did any1 get a job yet?

    $14 an hour.. Working as a casual, but alot of hours.. 10-4 Monday to Friday pretty much.
  19. JB10

    So did any1 get a job yet?

    Yeah but it took me about 4 weeks of searching.. Finally landed one at Video Ezy, got my 3rd shift at 9:15
  20. JB10

    Deferring Uni to Work

    Gap Year FTW... Once you actually find work.