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  1. Kralex

    How To Get Your Dream ATAR

    masturbate. a lot.
  2. Kralex

    75+ atar

    2nd round offer + 2 bonus points for English and I think I got another 2 for EAS Youth Allowance.
  3. Kralex

    75+ atar

    wow I just read your subjects. Expect no less then 85 from you. So weird that you're doing maths ex2 and not physics or chem.
  4. Kralex

    75+ atar

    75+ Atar I found is quite easily achievable. I was aiming for 70+ but was braced for 60s cause I did barely any study and work throughout the year. Finished most HSC exams with 30minutes + to go (Finished IPT with an hour and a half to go). Received 80.85, got into a course that needs 86...
  5. Kralex

    Yr 11 asking what do u do at uni ??????

    for reals? All 100 level units suck balls :( 2nd sem should be good though. Introduction to video games elective (Y)
  6. Kralex

    When the proverbial hits the fan.

    Yeah if it were something small like a broken arm or bruise you'd let it past but narcolepsy?
  7. Kralex

    Give up computer games for HSC. Yay or Nay?

    Played games like a boss all through the HSC. When I came home I figured 3 hours of Ps3 and 1 hour of study would be enough. Wasn't enough so I played 4 hours of Ps3 and 0 hours of study instead.
  8. Kralex

    When the proverbial hits the fan.

    Dude as if you didn't sue for compensation or some shit! School is meant to make sure their students place shit correctly.
  9. Kralex

    if you dont goto a G8 uni you may as well goto tafe

    Look where Macquarie Uni is situated... You're only benefiting yourself by doing accounting at Macquarie with all that local networking going on.
  10. Kralex

    Whats A Good Looking Car For Pickin Up?

    u make me sick >:-[
  11. Kralex

    Whats A Good Looking Car For Pickin Up?

    you gunna tell me that wiki is wrong?
  12. Kralex

    Whats A Good Looking Car For Pickin Up?

    well you clearly didn't pick up on what I was going for. And the Celica is most definitely classed as a sports car. You really going to say a Celica GT-Four isn't a sports car? RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. It was only created to race in the World Rally Championship I guess....
  13. Kralex

    What are the disadvantages of going to Insearch UTS?

    It costs a fuckload of cash. You aren't guaranteed entry to uni after completion (the entry requirements are really high, you're looking at nothing lower than credit average) Why insearch when unis like UWS and ACU are available? Going to a university and transferring is so much better than...
  14. Kralex

    Whats A Good Looking Car For Pickin Up?

    We can argue about that all we want but it is classed as one.
  15. Kralex

    Study Journal: How I'm going to get 99.95 ATAR

    Well ecstasy kinda take control of the rest you know what I mean? You just gotta keep with the pills otherwise you'll crash! CRASH HARD!
  16. Kralex

    Whats A Good Looking Car For Pickin Up?

    I also wanted a Celica at one point. Cheap, reliable, Toyota and good fuel consumption for a sports car. Whats not to love? Well..the looks wore off for me :(
  17. Kralex

    Whats A Good Looking Car For Pickin Up?

    Everyone in this thread is making uneducated posts. I'll improve it. Corolla AE92. Lek shu bby? Daihatsu Charade Impreza (best car for driving down Burwood road or Church Street) Nissan Skyline Honda CRX (make sure you don't bring a mate) Cars NOT to get...
  18. Kralex

    Opinion on hsc marks in relation to trial and half yearly marks?

    How the fuck would any of you know lol? You'd have to get a past Year 12 student to do this. For me it went a bit like this: For english I was averaging mid 70s the whole 2 years, my HSC assessment mark 84, but in the exam I got 77 so ended up with 81 as my final HSC mark. For General maths I...
  19. Kralex

    Half Yearly Results!

    Dude you have to improve that General Maths marks.. I was hitting 80%+ easy with only 2 days of study. Just do the chapter reviews at the end of each chapter and you're set.