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  1. chewy123

    Should I pursue law?

    I didn't work for EY, but the numbers you got I am certain is BS. Audit graduate salary for the one I worked for is 55k all inclusive, so you get around 40k after tax and super. I don't think EY would be all that different. When you get to manager level (which takes around 7-10 years) you get...
  2. chewy123

    Should I pursue law?

    Given the circumstance I probably shouldn't have questioned your choice, since you have already reached the point of no return. I suppose give law a try, but don't do yourself injustice, transfer next year if you think law doesn't suit you. You don't necessarily have to study law to get into...
  3. chewy123

    Should I pursue law?

    I am just being whimsical with my own misfortune. Although seriously drop out rate in law is very high. I know quite a few people dropping and went and did teaching, pharmacy, medicine...etc. What worries me is that you seem unsure if you really want to do law at all. The big4 isn't fun...
  4. chewy123

    Should I pursue law?

    Anything that tickles your fancy. Doesn't have to be related to your field of study. Explore around once you start uni. I did. I re-emphasise that you will be a better person being a dentist, you will be loved and respected, and you will have a clean conscience.
  5. chewy123

    Should I pursue law?

    You will be a better person working as a dentist. Not a lot of presentations. There is something called "class participation" which is usually weighted - basically you have to talk in class. Self-study is essential. You get approximately 3-4 contact hours per subject. If you do not do your...
  6. chewy123

    Introverts in Accounting

    Book-keepers probably don't need as much interaction..
  7. chewy123

    Already getting stressed/worried for Uni!

    Problem 1&3 is a non-issue. If you are reasonably hard working you will be fine. Problem 2 I empathise with you since I had the same issue and it's a tricky one to deal with. It's hard to give you solid advice since we might be totally different, these are some of the methods I tried: 1...
  8. chewy123

    How do you know if you will like law?

    There is nothing you can do beforehand to see if you will like law definitively. If you like debating, tedious reasoning, read and untangle complex information... then you might like law.
  9. chewy123

    Not sure if I want to do law anymore

    At UNSW law I think there's only this 1 environmental law subject which I enrolled in out of desperation but later dropped. To be honest the stuff you learn at uni will have very little impact on what you will do in real life. That environmental law elective is probably just about ~1% of the...
  10. chewy123

    breaking into accounting

    Not sure what sort of answer you are looking for? I mean if you can't be top at the beginning, then obviously you will settle for less unless you want to sit around at home. There are other things you can do like taking a gap year or doing post-grad. Some people do that, some don't. Not at its...
  11. chewy123

    legal dictionary

    Doesn't matter.
  12. chewy123

    Psychology and law notes - first year?

    How much you offering?
  13. chewy123

    Is law boring?

    For most people it's boring.
  14. chewy123

    Life in UNSW

    Atmosphere outside of class is just like walking around the City. It's not as if people will randomly greet you or chat with you. You can certainly try though. Social life wise I'd say it's more luck than anything else. You might be enrolled in a class full of people who already know each...
  15. chewy123

    Question about con/law

    hahaha con/law, nice freudian slip.
  16. chewy123

    How hard is it too get an internship if I failed units in my first year of uni?

    It will be hard. If there are any reasons why that had happened (other than laziness) I strongly advise that you make it known.
  17. chewy123

    Will part-time job experience help get a job after completing a commerce/eco degree??

    Re: Will part-time job experience help get a job after completing a commerce/eco degr I don't know anything about investment banks, but for accounting at least, job experience is really just a stepping stone for you to answer behavioural questions. So: Q: "Tell me an example of you working in...
  18. chewy123

    Accounting @ UNSW?

    Generally yes for assignment. We do not get our final exam paper back. At any rate, tutors are generally happy to give you feedback if you just go up and ask them. I finished my commerce degree last year. As far as I can remember none of the lectures are recorded. Some courses in the business...
  19. chewy123

    what career opportunities are there for a bachelor of medical science??

    Most people only do it to get into medicine.
  20. chewy123

    Prep for uni

    No. Just relax.