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  1. Menomatics

    Possible to get 85+??

    Did you align the raws? Lol
  2. Menomatics

    Possible to get 85+??

    Cmon guys! Any other estimates??
  3. Menomatics

    2013 HSC Results/ATAR banter!

    How would a outlier occur??
  4. Menomatics

    Possible to get 85+??

    What's you're scenario and you're prediction?
  5. Menomatics

    Possible to get 85+??

    School rank: 598 Ranks: -Eng.Std: 2/22 -Business: 2/25 -IPT: 1/10 -Industrial technology timber: 1/19 -Economics: 5/11 HSC RAW MARKS:-Eng.Std: 85/105 -Business: 85 -IPT: 75...
  6. Menomatics

    Caught when fapping

    Say one of you're parents walk in while you BBQing alone.. What would you do?
  7. Menomatics

    General thoughts

    0.002 marks
  8. Menomatics


    This is a difficult question i must say. I am expecting one of the moderators to answer this.
  9. Menomatics

    General thoughts

    You just answered you're own question.
  10. Menomatics

    Do you support a winner takes all society?

    The intellect is a natural disposition which learns from experience. Be careful.
  11. Menomatics

    General thoughts

    Share you're exam thoughts.
  12. Menomatics

    ATAR estimate please?

    Your underestimating my friend. How could this adolescence obtain an ATAR of 75 when had provided you with raw marks that will align to 80+, and some 90's. He has asked to determine his ATAR based on the marks he think he would attain. So therefore, determine his ATAR of those marks, not his...
  13. Menomatics