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  1. RBKSoulja

    Drinking age raised to 21?

    *sigh* ppl dont seem to understand that drinking is a SOCIAL ACTIVITY wtf is social about getting shitfaced and sprawled on a sidewalk... and no, dont fucken convince me pulping someones face is a social activity
  2. RBKSoulja

    Chemistry Predictions??

    I've heard predictions the exam may be more calculation based this year (which is also what they said last year). Anyone aiming at certain questions to prepare for?
  3. RBKSoulja

    How many units do you do? Anyone do 14+?

    same, i had no "study periods" (as we all should call them =p=p) at all up until my half yearlies. i dropped physics right after the half yearlies (which i didnt do too bad in considering i hadnt studied at all hahahaha) just drop whichever you like the least/most time consuming/worst subject...
  4. RBKSoulja

    How many units do you do? Anyone do 14+?

    i did 14 but ended up regretting it >< along with my current subjects, i also had physics. chem, physics and 3u maths demand a lot of work if u intend on keeping urself at the top of the class, and u end up having to decrease time spent on other subjects. but wtf anyone who wants to do more...
  5. RBKSoulja

    Which Scales higher? Music 2 or Math 2u??

    +1 said everything i was gonna say :D
  6. RBKSoulja

    how much did you spend on your majors?

    lol i bought a new laptop and a recording mike if that counts together cost about 3K :P needed it to handle all my music software for my composition and stuff cos my old comp was way too shit. and obviously spent $0 on software :P for music performances i had to hire a different venue our...
  7. RBKSoulja

    How Bad is the HSC stress for you?

    stress level:2 finished my third last today^^ fkn set for 3U 2morrow ;D then 4 days for chem!!! bring it bitch :P
  8. RBKSoulja

    Who has a redbull before exams??

    i find its good for subjects where u have to remember a lot ie like english, histories. otherwise it screws around with ur logic personally, i prefer a triple espresso shot ^^ before the exam, i go down to the local gloria jeans and order my usual ;D energy drinks taste like crap, dunno how u...
  9. RBKSoulja

    Music 2

    the test was pretty good, except for teh melody dictation....i got confused by the first familiarisation playing cos it was so fkn long...then they played the actual 11 bars...but still! the euphonium was clouded among the other instruments! couldnt get all the notes >< yeah F Lyd is F...
  10. RBKSoulja

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

    americans can always answer ur questions lol "Its in the constitution, says you have the right to bear arms and the right to arm bears, whatever the hell ya wanna do!" YouTube - Robin Williams - Live at The Met - Guns, God, and Fish
  11. RBKSoulja

    Which Scales higher? Music 2 or Math 2u??

    LOL u remind me of my bestie, shes obsessed with it and shes gotten me into it hahaha our music class is going to see it after the HSC! :D she going for the 4th time i think...? anyway, lol i found this really helpful, got the article months ago HSC Online as the guys says, we have to...
  12. RBKSoulja

    Which Scales higher? Music 2 or Math 2u??

    well Liam if u still DID the damn subject, u cld prob help me :P:P i probably could...but when i cram, i tend to forget stuff during the exam, esp if its right before >< but then again, i dont wanna screw up maths too badly, tho its my shittest anyway >< *sigh* i guess ill study music now...
  13. RBKSoulja

    Which Scales higher? Music 2 or Math 2u??

    i actually wouldnt mind a quote, as long as its not specific and something really vague. the one i had for my trial was "compare ur madatory and elective pieces and pick 2 musical concepts to talk about and how theyve changed over the different periods" was a pretty easy 10, i hope 2moz the...
  14. RBKSoulja

    Which Scales higher? Music 2 or Math 2u??

    gah im so screwed for maths...question 10 can bugger off, im gonna try and get 2 marks and leave it >< yeah hopefully the few past papers ove done over the hols is enough to get me through too >< hahaha i usually do that too, but yeah im gonna study the 3 pieces from my elective which is 19th...
  15. RBKSoulja

    Which Scales higher? Music 2 or Math 2u??

    as the title says, im contemplating which to study for more tonight, all my time today was takenup by ancient im better at music 2 as well, but i should study for math, but im short on time...
  16. RBKSoulja

    Section II - Societies

    yeah sparta couldve been worse - it was pretty good as it was, did all the questions from past papers and trials ^^ lol like roar84eighty said, we couldve gotten art and shit, woulda fkd me over big time. the only thing i would BS'd about woulda been Temple of Artemis Orthia, Amyklaion and...
  17. RBKSoulja

    How well can you sight read?

    my sight singings just average, but my HSC one was shit easy hahahaha at least 4/5 ur right, i used to be shocking at sightreading, i started sightreading bach's 371 chorales, doing a page or so everyday. now i can easily play a grade 7 piece. but yeah i also did a lot of accompanying work...
  18. RBKSoulja

    Anyone that knows anything about the AMEB AMusA (piano)?

    wth?? when i did my AMus all i had to do was hand in the programme notes and play and then couple of months later BAM distinction >< i never got tested on the theory hahaha lucky me
  19. RBKSoulja

    Section III - Personalities

    Tiberius was kinda weird imo... the wording of the question was really shit, but i managed to adapt my essays to the question praying for a band 6 ^^
  20. RBKSoulja

    Section IV - Historical Periods

    Political revolution 133-78BC part A....omg i did that in my trial, as well most of the paper LOL automatic 24 or 25/25 already :D i wrote the exact same essay as i did for my trial :D