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  1. xxJTxx

    marketing major..the "fail" major?

    hi all, just asking any one out there who is currently at uni or finished uni what they think of a marketing major? i'm having some trouble deciding on my commerce major..marketing OR finance. yes..two entirely different fields..but two things i'm pretty keen on. i'm combined with law, and...
  2. xxJTxx

    Legal and Non-legal Measures - HELP!

    i have a whole essay on this posted in the resources section, CTRL + F "John T" and you will find it :)
  3. xxJTxx

    Effectiveness OF family law

    I uploaded my Family notes from when I did the HSC (Class of 2007), they spell out the effectiveness of law as outlined in the syllabus. Beyond that, I put 'issues to present in essays' at the very end of the notes - you can mould these to suit the question asked. The notes were uploaded as...
  4. xxJTxx

    how long do notes usually take to appear?

    hey i uploaded a whole bunch of notes last week to the resources section for various legal topics..how long do they usually take to update this?
  5. xxJTxx

    Transferring after second year into law

    sorry for the super delayed reply, i dont come on here that often. yep..i had to/am repeating economics. i'd advise you speak to the uni about what subjects will get credited, and choose your subjects at your other institution based on that...that way you dont get screwed over like i did (i.e...
  6. xxJTxx

    [Serious] Law students, do you have a life?

    oh just thought i should add my two cents. uni is meant to be a 'mind opening' opportunity..your meant to explore and learn about yourself. it's not simply about the course content and studying. im at usyd atm...doing com/law. yes i know people who spend all their time studying, are ALWAYS on...
  7. xxJTxx

    Best uni for studying Law?

    LOL. priceless. yes, uts does offer straight law. why arent you happy with combined? i mean surely there is one combination you would enjoy? after all, it only adds an extra year. im currently doing com/law at usyd. do i regret choosing com? yes. i chose it on the basis of job prospects. big...
  8. xxJTxx

    Transferring after second year into law

    usyd now allows you to apply for a transfer every year...they previously only allowed you to apply to transfer at the end of your first year (and never after that -> your only option was grad law). i am a transfer student from uts business/law to usyd commerce law. and am lovin it! they...
  9. xxJTxx

    state ranking

    i came 5th in the state in 07 for legal.. that was with 97 hsc mark!
  10. xxJTxx

    How To Come About Option Questions

    use the criteria in the syllabus (two posts above).. remember accessibility has three factors: time, cost, (crap forgot the third..hey going back like a year here! i think it was like understandability or something lol..like how simple it is for everyday people to actually comprehend..)
  11. xxJTxx

    Effectiveness questions...

    i agree with what's been said above. you need to have a seamless integration of the effectiveness of the law with the issues you present. for example, a consumer question might ask about regulation or enforcement of the TPA or something like that..you need to bring up a number of issues that...
  12. xxJTxx

    15 units

    lol 11units is enough back up if you have like 5 2u's and 1ext! why would you do 15??? waste of time, and you'll burn out so quick. i was doing 14units at the beginning of yr 12..just so i could say i was doing 14units LOL..dropped down to 13 (bye bye 4u maths), then to 12 (Bye bye ext 2 eng)...
  13. xxJTxx

    Umat Results!

    so you guys know umat is bullshit: s1 49 s2 59 s3 54 total overall: 162 = percentile 72 i did not take the test seriously at all. don't even want to do med any more. i literally guessed all of section one and three..aka...complete guesses NO attempts AT ALL for readings section one texts and no...
  14. xxJTxx

    UTS - Semester 1 2008 Guestimates + Official Results (16 July 2008) thread

    haha that hot line is so going to crash too.
  15. xxJTxx

    who thinks the new lounges in the UTS foyer look cheap?

    they look retarted. they shoulda tried to add some class instead of bloody bright colours..no UTS we are not in a childcare centre!
  16. xxJTxx

    UTS - Semester 1 2008 Guestimates + Official Results (16 July 2008) thread

    lol. slept and woke up and its still dead. how ridiculous.
  17. xxJTxx

    UTS - Semester 1 2008 Guestimates + Official Results (16 July 2008) thread

    fck this. im going to bed. night! gl all.
  18. xxJTxx

    UTS - Semester 1 2008 Guestimates + Official Results (16 July 2008) thread

    hard to believe that it worked for one person..out of like a thousand. lol.
  19. xxJTxx

    UTS - Semester 1 2008 Guestimates + Official Results (16 July 2008) thread

    at least uts.edu.au loads now..but slowly..maybe they are getting to fixing the results next..