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  1. Jack Burton

    Has anyone ever felt this way towards their lecturer/tutor...?

    you need to have sex with a real man i recomend David Spade
  2. Jack Burton

    Non-white races: Do you often have to deal with latent racism?

    australia is a classless system there is so much support for the aboriginal people that it is up to the individual to break free from the constraints of their gay lives
  3. Jack Burton

    Tony Abbott new opposition leader

    i dont understand why they cant just pass the ETS, show up at copenhagen waving the sheet around saying Australia is serious about climate change so you guys should be aswell then make changes to the ETS depending on the world leaders decision. i mean wtf at least labor is trying to do...
  4. Jack Burton

    Why do people drink, smoke do drugs?

    smoking is cool though
  5. Jack Burton

    The best movie lines

    Jack Burton: [tapping on the walls] Two, three feet thick, I'll bet. Probably welded shut from the outside, and covered with brick by now! Wang Chi: Don't give up, Jack! Jack Burton: Oh, okay, I won't, Wang! Let's just *chew* our way outta here
  6. Jack Burton

    The best movie lines

    When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol' Jack Burton...
  7. Jack Burton

    Do girls like this stuff ...

    hahahahaha ayo is dumb, its funny and true
  8. Jack Burton

    too young for love? no time to live?

    know from experience...
  9. Jack Burton

    Parents reaction to you not making it?

    they prolly send me to the basement
  10. Jack Burton

    Anyone studying for the SC? Do you think its worth it

    stop generalising tommykins
  11. Jack Burton

    not josh noob

    not josh noob
  12. Jack Burton

    for the guys

    youve been mighty helpful but jack burton doesn't get a haircut for no one
  13. Jack Burton

    Anyone studying for the SC? Do you think its worth it

    only retards study for sc
  14. Jack Burton

    fucked feeling after sex

    defo gay bruz
  15. Jack Burton

    stick your other forums please

    stick your other forums please
  16. Jack Burton

    Who has a redbull before exams??

    so does a lot of things in large quantities so stop generalising the taste grows on you i didn't like it at first but after about 3 one it was pretty good
  17. Jack Burton

    "Celebrity atheists expose their hypocrisy"- A really shitty article

    people still have no right to go and attack people and say their beliefs are wrong you have to respect them, even if you dont believe them. i personally dont believe in a god but im not going to attack people who do... this guy is wanker. there are many religious fanatics as well as atheist...
  18. Jack Burton

    Are there any Christian teenagers out there??

    sounds like an awesome religion, iron can be the martyr you will be god and i will spread the message of the one true believer and when some dickface wants to be homosexual we will throw rocks at him because you (god) dont want homos in paradise and if some other wanker wants to believe in...
  19. Jack Burton

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    so fucking bullshit... band 4 here i come fucking maths owell it wont count so HA ON YOU MATHS