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  1. santaslayer

    how do you save money?>

    $300 isn't a lot, even for a casual....unless you're a massive spender?
  2. santaslayer

    Poll: What Women Really Want in a Man

    farkin do u wnt fireworks with that? :p
  3. santaslayer

    how do you save money?>

    save all the money u earnt and just use ur parent's money for everything?
  4. santaslayer

    This is my story...who can help?

    hookers neva really needed resumes.
  5. santaslayer

    Highest Paying Casual Jobs

    yes, highest paid by the hour....but how many hrs would u get? :p
  6. santaslayer

    Which phone to choose?????

    omg LG KG800!
  7. santaslayer

    Bigpond cable login error

    131 282....?
  8. santaslayer

    Alternate entry into combined law - experiences?

    basically 70-ish uai...did a nanotech degree in uts then transferred a yr or so later to med after getting a killer UMAT (?) score combined woith his GPA i think... something like that anyway
  9. santaslayer

    failing classes

    I think suspension would also be an option.
  10. santaslayer

    help guys??/

    She's The Man was a funni movie.
  11. santaslayer

    Which University is good for B Law/(something)

    Close to all HD's, yes. At least. Are you in denial already? :p
  12. santaslayer

    Ways to get a job.

    I'm a casual so I don't usually get cash bonuses. I usually get free phones, $200 myer vouchers and a paid day off. (The manager usually gives us a sunday, nice bloke. :p) Which carrier are you with? My quota's are massive this month for a casual. I'm new so apparently the manager is only...
  13. santaslayer

    Alternate entry into combined law - experiences?

    LoLz. you should hear lexiograher's story. shit uai to med.. :p
  14. santaslayer

    Which University is good for B Law/(something)

    Depends on the particular year and calibre. Highly unlikely though. For UNSW anyway.
  15. santaslayer


    a miner is rich!
  16. santaslayer

    SOS...what should I do?

    i never got a job until this yr...im freaking 20. i just bs'd my resume up. i am fairly articulate and can write some real bs if i want to. do the same. u're only 18...nothings gonna happen even if they find out... maybe put u on the macca's blacklist..lol :p
  17. santaslayer

    Which University is good for B Law/(something)

    not any harder than any other degree...
  18. santaslayer

    how much should students have to work?

    actually doing fulltime hours under a casual hourly rate...thsi is after my exams have finished.. yayy!
  19. santaslayer

    Weird things that have happened at your work!!

    was selling off a prepaid fone to a customer...these things require ID. asked the customer for ID. Customer gives me a small, laminated, rectangular piece of cardboard with his face on it and a massive barcode. i told him that this was not primary ID and asked him what it was for. he...
  20. santaslayer

    So who earns more.........

    a successful pimp would probably kill all those professions off the list