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    Help with HSC past Q

    This is from the Edzion AI tutor, you would attempt the HSC exam-style question after it has answered your question to check your understanding, thought it might be helpful to share its output. Feel free to check it out on Edzion if you are interested or try putting any other questions you are...
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    Feedback loops question!!

    Yeah I have started to use it (as the tutor) during my lessons to help demonstrate to my students how useful it can be. Whilst it doesn't help motivate them the way we do it at least has subject matter expertise and can be there for them 24/7 because we can't always be there to help.
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    Feedback loops question!!

    Yeah that took the bot 20 seconds to generate, I prefer to use the more accurate bot that is a little slower then to have the fast bots out there on the internet that just make things up.
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    Feedback loops question!!

    Of course! I'd be happy to explain hormone feedback loops to you. Hormone feedback loops are a key mechanism that helps regulate the levels of hormones in our bodies. They involve a complex interplay between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the target organs or tissues. Let's take a...
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    HORMONES HELP (for menstrual cycle + pregnancy + birth)

    GnRH (Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone): Source: Hypothalamus. Function: Stimulates the anterior pituitary to release FSH and LH. Timing: Throughout the menstrual cycle, with surges especially before ovulation. LH (Luteinizing Hormone): Source: Anterior pituitary. Function: Triggers ovulation...
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    HSC science and math notes and access to an AI tutor

    Hi, I am looking for my first few students to try out my AI tutor platform. It is $30 per month, and I will throw in all of my study notes for physics, chemistry, biology and science extension and math adv and ext question banks for both year 11 and 12. (I would usually charge $10 per module)...
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    HSC science private tutor with an AI tutoring platform

    Hi, My name is Joshua, and I am looking for new students this year. I tutor HSC science on Zoom or in person. Included in my tutoring is access to my website edzion which will mean you can use the AI tutor and get all your textbooks included. Although I can not provide you with 24/7 hour...
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    Looking for biology past papers.....

    I'm not sure if it is too late but I've added some to my website for this reason. Kind regards, edzion education
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    We are currently in the middle of building this course, you can get free access for now using...

    We are currently in the middle of building this course, you can get free access for now using this link, this is a wealth of information for science extension, hope this helps. https://edzion.com/year-12-hsc-science-extension/
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    Year 11 Moles

    I have put resources for this style of question on my website in the past, on my website this section is in year 12 chemistry, titration questions. Firstly, Ca(OH)2 + 2HCl --> CaCl2 + 2H2O Since, 8.13mL of a 0.102mol L −1 of HCl was used, we can find the number of moles of HCl using n = M*v...
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    You can google our name and I will also upload some onto bored of studies
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    Phys, chem, bio, sci ext | band 6 in all | free inhouse resources available | affordable & experienced tutor

    Feel free to sign up to our free weekly homework email to get started. You can find it on the websites homepage.
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    Phys, chem, bio, sci ext | band 6 in all | free inhouse resources available | affordable & experienced tutor

    Band 6/E4 in Physics, Chem, Biology, and science extension - all my lessons are preprepared and available on my website, please message me for the link if you would like to preview my work or google Edzion. My students who just graduated all got over 90% in their final HSC exams - some started...
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    art of smart?

    I've had a couple students come to me after they have been at art of smart and they appear to teach the concepts fairly well and thoroughly at least from what I have seen. Good luck with your studies.
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    Highlighting your own quotes for english - which colour?

    Typically we recommend our students use yellow, it minimizes shadows and still keeps the writing legible. Good luck with your exams.
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    Science Extension Resources???

    We will try and upload some of our resources onto boredofstudies for you this week.
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    When does all the 2021 trial papers become available on thsconline????

    I think the trial papers are starting to be released, we have made ours available but only the modified papers for 2021 which reflect the change in exam conditions as a result of the lock down. I haven't seen many other trial papers which have been released to the public yet and am having the...
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    Physics trial paper 2021 - edzion

    A 50 mark, 1 and a half hour trial paper for 2021 from edzion. Answers are available for the questions.
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    FREE Resources For 40 Subjects! Full Course Notes

    Thank you, always trying to find good resources for my students to use in addition to my website, this is fantastic stuff, can't thank you enough!
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    usyd scholarship

    No harm in trying! Always have time to turn your marks around before HSC exam.