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    Actuarial study at Macquarie vs Unsw

    same shit. go to closer one or uni with more friends
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    You took a leave of absence for 1 year for full time work is it looked badly or gud?

    Re: You took a leave of absence for 1 year for full time work is it looked badly or g perfect job: waiter at centre point tower restaurant tall building (probs tallest in NSW...dat prestige) check white collar shirt check went to prestigious uni check gg no re how did you not know about this?
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    You took a leave of absence for 1 year for full time work is it looked badly or gud?

    Re: You took a leave of absence for 1 year for full time work is it looked badly or g interview (if u ever get one) I think you are extremely underestimating the amount of effort needed to land a grad job. 75 WAM (not ez) + attend BBQ + work at coles =/= grad job
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    Competing with selective schools

    funny m8, have some respect for the authors lol i bet you're a posh cambridge punk who thinks its be best because it says "cambridge" <- worst 4u book 5eva
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    So damn confused

    kinda expected because you never sat an exam this prepared before. To prevent this next time, replicate exam conditions at home when you're practicing. Pretend the mark you get from sitting a past paper is the mark you are going to get in the exam. Set a time limit, pens down when times up etc...
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    Failed my half yearlies! Help!

    Sure its possible to move up into the mid 10s, but think about what rank you could have achieved if you can actually pull this off. (probs single digit rank) Prepare more, study smarter, and you will be rewarded for the amount of effort put in.
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    Formula for annuities allowed?

    formula are for the weak. If you are proficient (E4/B6 worthy) at mathematics then you would derive most of them on the spot every single time even though it gets repetitive. Yeah obviously you'll lose marks
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    How to motivate myself to study consistently/stop being distracted?

    get the state rank and make them ruse kids cry
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    Competing with selective schools

    hey m8 i used it once for inequalities. got 68/70 raw 99hsc mark dont dis M.I.F
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    When are your chances of band 6 "over"?

    ye well if you're ranked 30/60 after trials in a school that usually gets 2 band 6's then you would need to perform at state ranking level to maybe scrape a band 6. Effort is required throughout the year to achieve B6. not just the last 3 months, so you still have chance
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    Social effects of getting a 99+ atar?

    Yeah people started taking notice of me, i got ignored. People got jealous (of being ignored). I made a tonne of fake friends. 99 atar is awesome
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    Accessing ATAR on Thursday.

    yeah bro then u need to go through a tedious 3 hour verification process to check if its really you
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    MC Q19 Physics 2012

    common sense m8, name a saucepan made of high resistance material (i.e. rubber, plastic.. etc).. exactly they are non-existent
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    Does anyone know if this is possible to do in a com/law degree at MQ uni?

    it is "possible" to put off "ALL" your law units. no offence but u got alot of personal reasons that probs something like i wan 80 wam to xfer to UNSW com amiright? becayse mq is nt g8
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    ATAR Estimate - Pete1555 (2)

    mid-low 80s btw you can't tell cohort strength until after hsc
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    Cramming for physics???

    its possible but risky lol, prepare alot earlier so you dont have to cram
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    what should i do??

    you've come this far lol might as well try get a scholarship with the course
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    ATAR ESTIMATE please! :)

    english rank m8 if was halved then it would be 97.5-98.5
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    ATAR ESTIMATE please! :)

    96.5-97.5 if you improve, 96.5-98
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    Jersey nickname help?

    TRANp StAMp