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    seeking English tutor

    I'm looking for an English tutor for a year 11 girl (ESL) for general English skills. She is looking to improve her writing (constructing texts, sentences), reading (comprehending and analysing texts, vocabulary) and spoken English. She may also be requiring help with school course materials...
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    Be Tutored by the Queen of English **ATAR 99.65** Above 95 for all English Subjects!

    Re: Be Tutored by the Queen of English **ATAR 99.65** Above 95 for all English Subjec awesome thread name
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    general health check up in Sydney

    I never go to the doctor's so this may seem like a strange question, but where would I go to do a health check up in Sydney? How much would I expect to pay? (I have a medicare card)
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    and if I were insane enough to go to uni at 7am which street can I find all-day parking?
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    temporary thread; HOLIDAYS '11 TUTORING

    hey. Have a good summer and peace.
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    Flop-free, Flunk-proof, Anti-fail tutoring

    It's all the suburbs along the inner west train line (and surrounds) so from Central along to Ashfield, Strathfield and ends at Parramatta.
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    Need help with a book's name

    no, it's not. anyone else?
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    Need help with a book's name

    hey guys, hopefully someone can help me out with this one - a teacher read this book to us in primary school (took weeks to read so it was substantial in length). it was about some children in the modern day in Sydney that stumble onto a cave of some sort. the story is connected to some...
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    FREE UNI intermediate microeconomics TUTORING!

    aren't you still learning intermediate micro yourself?
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    Whats the furthest you have had to walk between classes?

    i've done one which i believe is the furthest possible.. Mackie (other side of footbridge) -> PNR
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    Please Post! Recommend tutors for me

    I should help you get over this delusion. New tutors are so much better than high school teachers and even markers. The obvious advantages: > they know exactly what is needed to get the marks, and what is the most efficient way of doing so, since most of them have state rankings. > they...
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    Maths Tutoring for the South-West, Fairfield/Liverpool

    you mean anticompetitive rates :P
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    China arrests human rights activists on International Human Rights Day

    I think most cultures, including both China's and the Anglo-originated cultures, e.g. USA and Australia, practice domestic human rights according to their moral standards, in a wordless, or sometimes even subconscious advocation of moral relativism. Unfortunately, moral relativism becomes...
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    Rewards for topping a subject

    the situation here seems to be that the unis just want to squeeze money out of international students and only award scholarships to the very very best. you need at least 93 english adv to have a chance of 99.95, unfortunately.
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    State Ranking

    well the president said there were WMDs.
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    Looking for ESL tutor?

    yes, looking for a ESL tutor. please email me. what do you plan to do about the presence of all these new texts?
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    State Ranking

    well there are ties, occasionally, but they appear so infrequently that you'd bet on there being some other means of distinguishing top students other than using raw marks. in fact, what you'd really expect had the case been that only raw mark is used as a yardstick would be a case where...
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    State Ranking

    i was one of those people who came 5th, and i am absolutely sure i got full marks in the final exam (and came 1st internally). if i were to put a guess on it, i'd say 20 people in the state got full marks in 2007. it all comes down to the methods you solved particular questions using that...