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    How the F do you do this

    -$61260.20? Assuming no depreciable tax effects from the truck...
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    How hard is Actuarial Studies

    Im in my 2nd year of my BComm/Eco but I'm kinda thinking of starting an actuarial major first sem of 3rd year.. recommendations?
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    MATH2881 Quantitative Risk

    I meet the prereqs but I am wondering if doing it will count under my degree(B Comm/Eco).
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    general eds

    just wondering if we are allowed to do 12 UOC in courses of other faculties (such as MATH2871 etc under a commerce degree) that are not listed here: UNSW Handbook - apparently there has been some new rules on counting ordinary courses as GE, maybe special exemptions? Or is that the only list of...
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    MATH2881 Quantitative Risk

    just wondering if I can do this course or MATH2871 as a general ed under my B Comm/Eco degree, looks interesting.
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    Accounting or economics?

    For financial analysis/corporate finance I believe accounting is much more useful than economics which is quite redundant at the undergraduate level. An example of when accounting is more useful than economics in finance is during valuations and M&A for investment banking. In my opinion I would...
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    Chopin's 200th!!

    Chopin rave derp derrp~~!!!!
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    Regression models: Causal relationship vs. a good explanitory model?

    what are u guys getting for the stardard error of prediction for q16?
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    a QMA question

    yup was a typo sorry.
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    a QMA question

    First off convert into an effective rate to make things a little easier. (1+0.046/4)^4 - 1 = about 4.679% Discount everything back to t=0 9057(1.0468)^-4 +9057(1.0468)^-8 +9057(1.0468)^-12 + 9057 (1.0468)^-16 Basically this means that storing $23,438.54 today into a bank earning an effective...
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    Econ2102 Game Theory

    Econ2102= macro 2?
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    Which clubs did you join?

    wat, theres a kickboxing club? :o
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    O-Week Is a Rort

    Btw how does one create a new club?
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    Is the Arc Student club worth it?

    Arc is a really shitty organization. You're paying like $120 to get basically nothing but a few vouchers and freebies that will probably reward normal student a maximum of $40 (already at a $80 loss). Its also stupid that you cannot participate in arc related volunteer work unless you're an arc...
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    Textbook lists

    Course outlines still not out for like 3/4 of my subjects :/
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    how was first day of o-week?

    You mean "actual" uni as in lectures/tutes or just the normal week 0 restart thing? If Uni starts next week then fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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    Free options vs. Gen ed courses

    I just realised that for B Comm/Eco we get to have 2 free options and 2 free gen eds. So right now my question is: For the free options can you pick anything you like or only within your faculty? Is it also possible to pick gen eds for your free options, therefore doing 4 gen eds courses?
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    Free options vs. Gen ed courses

    Im doing the same degree as you moll (B Comm/Eco) and I'm aware that I have 2 free options. Does this mean I can pick any 12 credit units within my faculty? Even business gen eds? Or I can pick anything from any faculty?