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  1. Smeegen999

    Being shortsighted....how worse can it get??

    i have one eye -9.5 and the other -11. I first got glasses when I was 9 and have got progressively worse ever since. really want to get laser surgery but not sure if i'm a suitable canditate cos of how short-sighted I am.
  2. Smeegen999

    What perfume are you wearing at the moment?

    I have a few favourites: - Anna Sui Flight of Fancy - Stella by Stella McCartney - YSL Young Sexy Lovely - Estee Lauder Sensuous - Cacharel Amor Amor
  3. Smeegen999


    When you are reading a staute, and there is an exception to a provision, which says 'except is such circumstances as are prescribed' and there are no regulations to the Act which list the prescribed circumstances, does this mean they do not exist? eg. in the Public Sector Management Act 1994
  4. Smeegen999

    Studies of Religion II... is it worth it?

    I would keep sorII. Having 10 units is so much easier in the hsc, its one less subject to worry about. I actually picked up sorII (from sorI) in year 12 because I wanted to drop a 2 unit subject. There are ALOT of essays to remember but the content is interesting enough and if you're decent at...
  5. Smeegen999

    Hsc exam rules

    When the exam is over, they let you pick up your pen to write your student number on every page, if you haven' t done so already during the exam. I waited till the exam was finished to write my student number for most subjects so I wouldn't waste time in the exam (sometimes you have to write...
  6. Smeegen999


    One of my lecturers/teachers said they were on probation and would be back in 5 weeks or so. I know he is relatively new to the uni. Does anyonr know if this a standard part of the 'initiation' process or is he in trouble?
  7. Smeegen999

    Letting a guy know

    maybe he's just not that into you
  8. Smeegen999

    Writing an agreement

    Is there a certain structure/format that I would use to write a standard, legally binding agreement? Thanks.
  9. Smeegen999

    good facial exfoliants

    Dermalogica daily microfoliant, its a rice-based formula, its really fine so it gets into your pores and its gentle enough to use everyday. Its the best scrub/exfoliant I've ever used (it'll set you back about $80 though).
  10. Smeegen999

    First year Law group allocations

    Thanks for that. I found out what group I'm in via SOLS. Where would I go to get the first year info pack or whatever? Should I go see the law faculty or will it be given to me when i start seminars next week.
  11. Smeegen999

    First year Law group allocations

    How do I find out what group I'm in? I didn't go to orientation. Also, are there seminars in the first week for Law or just lectures?
  12. Smeegen999

    All Rounders List

    lol no, i'm an all rounder and got 98.05 - it depends on what subjects you do and your marks. on the contrary, the dux this year (99.5) wasn't an all rounder - they got one mark of 89.
  13. Smeegen999

    Uai 98+

    i did no extention subjects or sciences and got 98.05. btw, my subjects were adv english (91), 2U maths (94), business studies (91), economics (95) and 2U religion (93). only high scaling subject is economics (and maths??) , others were pretty average scaling, except for business studies...
  14. Smeegen999

    UOW 2009 Roll Call

    smeegen999 BCom/LLB
  15. Smeegen999

    Travelling 1hr+ to uni

    this is awesome. thanks so much for your help and advice! :) edit: I've decided to stay in w'gong, basically because I'll be essentially doing the same degree, i cbf to travel + i want to have a social life
  16. Smeegen999

    Travelling 1hr+ to uni

    My dilemma is that I live in wollongong and want to do commerce at unsw or usyd (moving up there is not an option, at least this year anyway). I am wondering if it is worth the travel ??(1.5hrs+ prob by train or car) or should I just go to the local uni. I'd like to know peoples opinions who...
  17. Smeegen999

    Anyone get 95+ without TUTORING?

    Do u think so? my subjects don't scale that well, except for maths and eco. I think business studies dragged me down
  18. Smeegen999

    What was your overall English mark?

    91 for eng advanced. spent max 3 days studying
  19. Smeegen999

    Anyone get 95+ without TUTORING?

    I've never had a tutor and got a uai of 98.05. subjects: economics (95), mathematics (94), sor2 (93), advanced english (91), business studies (91).