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    Ranks so far. Good or bad

    Somewhat true. My ranks for year 11 suggested I was going to get low-mid 80s mostly due to me doing very little but just focusing in year 12, I got a mid 90s ATAR. The most important thing for the HSC I've noticed is consistency and iteration; do your work, complete your homework, revise your...
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    How does internal transfer work?

    Thanks for the help. Do you guys think it's possible for me to just stick with the single and then see if I can handle it and if my wam is 75+ after sem 1 or 2 or even during second yr, could I pick commerce elective/mandatory subjects then? Or will this be too late and/or cause we to fall...
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    How does internal transfer work?

    Are the commerce electives mandatory for credit transfer or would a 75 WAM be all they take into account? If it's mandatory, are there any electives from commerce I have to take?
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    How does internal transfer work?

    I'm going to be doing a science degree at UNSW but I know given it some thought and want to transfer into an science/commerce degree after sem 1 or sem 2. I've read the IPT website and it seems I need a min 75 WAM to transfer but I don't want to waste a year after I transfer so I want to do some...
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    Science/Engineering at USYD

    probably not, but you never know.
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    Offers deadline

    relax, it's tomorrow 4th jan.
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    Seems like IT might be perfect for you. I strongly wouldn't suggest CENG, SENG, CompSci - programming is a big factor and high level maths is assumed knowledge.
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    Software and biomedical engineering? at UNSW

    I'm choosing Software engineering as well and thinking of biomed to go with it :)
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    Repeat hsc?

    I want to murder your parents with a maths book.
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    Double degree worth it?

    I'm thinking of doing engineering but was wondering I a engineering/commerce would be a better option? I'm not sure if it is necessary even though it seems like it may be more compressed and difficult without going in depth for each course. Can anyone doing this sort of option please shed some...
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    What happened???

    I'm going to call bullshit on your 94 Atar.
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    HSC2013 School Rankings

    Good god my school went down 200 places
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    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    Yo what did u get
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    Multiple choice ipt 2013

    My reason for it not being participant development was it was used by the people who create a system...the q said a business hired a project team so wat
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    Multiple choice ipt 2013

    It's not hybrid cause I'm pretty sure wireless is not a network topology.
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    Multiple choice ipt 2013

    19 is d 8 is d 17 I put a 5 I put c 13 I put b 18 I put d (but I think b is right)
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    General thoughts

    Am I the only who bullshitted most the options qs+diags?
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    how is B Business B Sci in iT @ UTS

    how is B Business B Sci in iT @ UTS
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    BOS Voting Intentions: 2013 Federal Election

    kevin done for, the new pm is tony abbott. time to emigrate.
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    BOS Voting Intentions: 2013 Federal Election

    Apparently Kevin had a breakdown and needed medical help. Boy