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    Will I get over 80?

    might scrape low 80s, shit u took a big risk leaving extensions as your final 2 units
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    Anyone pissed off with their assessment after smashin the externals?

    Anyone elses opinion? Reckon i did get first in the external?
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    Anyone pissed off with their assessment after smashin the externals?

    It pisses you off hay. I got 89 in exam and i think the overall top mark at my school was 89. Does that mean theres a good chance i topped the year in the external?
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    Anyone pissed off with their assessment after smashin the externals?

    i did work fucking hard during the year but one of the english teachers kept marking me shit, i think he frowned upon my 'style of writing'
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    Anyone pissed off with their assessment after smashin the externals?

    I had a difference of 16 between them in adv english. From 73 assessment to 89 exam, ending up with 81. Wish i got a better assessment but happy wit band 5. Anyone else in the same boat?
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    EAS points?

    do you actually get told about how many extra points you are going to receive through EAS or wat?
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    Do you get told if you were accepted for illness/misadventure?

    Heading says it all, just want to know if we are alerted when our misadventure is passed/denied?
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    ATAR Estimate

    Ill post my estimated raws and my ranks Geography 1/8 ~80% PDHPE 1/18 ~ 89% Senior Science 1/10 ~ 90% Adv English 12/25 ~ 78/105 General Math 5/35 ~ 78% School rank 310
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    Coffs! anyone going? 2011

    i live 20 mins from coffs! The coffs hotel can be pretty good fun on fri's and sat's but otherwise it mightn't be the best trip for clubbing. Beaches are still lovely up there though! Im goin to surfers personally.
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    General Thoughts: Senior Science

    I found it pretty good, multiple choice was the most challenging element and still wasnt too bad. I was looking at past papers shitting it but im real happy. at least 85, hopfully 90+
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    What does it take to get an atar of 70?

    dont mean to drown your hopes but my mate got an ATAR of 68 last year, these were his marks 82 PDHPE 78 ANCIENT 84 SENIOR SCIENCE 68 ENGLISH 79 GEN MATH
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    Band 6 raw mark

    Well 98% of people are given a mark over 50, even if they fail. To accomodate for this, everyone else is pushed up and thus every subject aligns up. Some more than others.
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    Band 6 raw mark

    it might scale down, but in no subject will it align down
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    Band 6 raw mark

    na id say about 86ish, thatd align you with a band 6.
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    General Thoughts: Geography

    all you who did qu 24, what did you all talk about?
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    Band 6 Cut-off?

    i know you all mighsay u cant estimate, but i think this is seriously what i got if i had to guess 19/20 in m.c 17/20 improving performance 19/20 sports med 16 for each core
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    Damn! no mega cities////Cut offs?

    yeh apparently geography aligns well but scales shit?
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    Predictions for 2011 HSC Geography Essay Questions?

    how important is the reason for managing ecosystems, like the intrinsic values, utility values etc? Is there a good chance there'll be a qu on that?