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  1. J

    Multiculturalism at UWS...

    i dont believe none of yous even mentioned that uws has a muslim club also.....
  2. J

    DVD: region 1

    dvd region 1 dvds, means there meant to be played in usa. but as the others have said there is ways around it...
  3. J


    i had Principles of Professional Communication today also, but i found it pretty easy, i was an hour in it and was already at last question, and all my pages were filled, but thats most probably because my friend next to me was writing really fast well i thought she was, so i ended up writing...
  4. J

    UWS is pissing me off

    ... i think ive seen u at a friends party, u know a gerald or phi from uws campbelltown by any chance???
  5. J

    Programming courses

    and theres also the short courses such as specific on c++ or java.....that i say can help u, not necessarily get u a job....
  6. J

    honours and stuff

    because the company may not be able to afford a person with phd, person with a phd is seen as expensive....thats why some ppl dont put in 50 certificates (overexaggeration obvious)
  7. J

    Student Union Fees $316.80

    ummzz does this include campbelltown, cause it would really stuffed if they do, cause what happens at campbelltown? NOTHING!!!
  8. J

    How was welcome week?

    i heard campbelltown campus has the condoms also, in the student centre, but i couldnt be bothered to check it out...
  9. J

    Tommorrows Lectures

    lolz, i love tommorrow lectures non stop from 9:00am till 6:00pm not even one proper break
  10. J

    How Can I Get To Penrith Campus?

    lolz running with a parachute
  11. J

    Your first day of uni.

    was laughing at everyone dropping there stuff off the table during the lecture, laughing about how the lecturer cant speak english properly...and wandering which ppl would most likely get a HD...
  12. J


    uws campbelltown werent giving any out....not that i know of
  13. J

    Attention all UWS students

    i give him a day....
  14. J


    There actually was a treasure hunt, but not what ur thinking, what u had to do was go on both the library and campus tours, then u get them to sign a form which u would of got at ur information session, which then u go into a draw for $100, which only 1 person from each campus wins..
  15. J

    hawkesbury to campbelltown in <1hr??

    i was thinkin it was boring cause of the rain, on wednesday, lolz i didnt notice the treasure hunt sheet till i got home...
  16. J


    well i know my gf's bra size is 12C which is actually tight on her, so i think i would have a general idea.......
  17. J

    hawkesbury to campbelltown in <1hr??

    lolz, on wednesday, yesterday, lolz took meeh like three hours to get from campbelltown to blacktown, because i caught an express to lidcombe, changed trains to get to blacktown, would of taken longer if i waited at campbelltown for blacktown train, since i would have to wait 2 hours....btw had...
  18. J


    no way is eviltama's avatar, 12 C, its gotta be more like 18C, or something like that, no way 12C..
  19. J


    is there anything that can happen if u have a laptop on you and u walk through those detectors of ppl who steal?
  20. J

    Adding modules to WebCT

    How do u add modules to WebCT?, when i click on the module, then try to login it says my username and password are incorrect, but when i try to logon to WebCT without trying to add a module it allows meeh into WebCT?