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    B.Media major in Screen production @UMACQ vs B.media (media production) @ UNSW

    in other words... there's not much of a difference?
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    B.Media major in Screen production @UMACQ vs B.media (media production) @ UNSW

    I was wondering if someone can tell me the difference between these two different courses. I know it might be a little bit too early as i haven't even started uni @ UMACQ yet (just enrollled), but i'm quite curious how B. media, major in screen production is like , what job opportunites there...
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    Anyone doing either Media or International Communications?

    I'm doing the MEDIA course @ UMACQ. ... and as sad as this sounds.. i need friends. LOL . Honestly, i think i am more scared that excited.
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    Asians at Macquarie?

    Really? I thought that Asians are crammed into UTS and UNSW is compacted with chinese. But from the course that i should be doing B. MEDIA. i went through the list and it seems like there are only 6 asians (looking at their last names) out of 120 people.
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    Epping - Chatswood line open Feb 22

    yeah, i totally hope that it will open. From where i live, it's far already and thinking that i will have to catch a bus.. complete turn off.
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    Industrial Technology - Multimedia

    It seemes like noone has ever made a post in this thread. so i thought that i should start it off. So how'd did you everyone go in Multi? I reckon it was the easiest exams so far compared to the other past papers. ( 2004 was horrible). By the way, there wasn't any image except for the graph yeah?
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    How many characters are you focusing for Gow's AWAY?

    So there are three protagonists that we can talk about in Away, in relation to Physical Journeys - Tom, Coral and Gwen. I was wondering how many of you's out there are focusing on only ONE major character and completly go into detail on how they recover from their physical journey by going...
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    Its Almost Over!

    To Lizzy, I'm not sure. But i heard of the over 10% thing applies to other subjects. My teacher told me that it dosen't matter, just as long you don't go over the limit too much cos the markers are just going to use the set word count as a guide. But just don't make it too noticiable that you...
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    Its Almost Over!

    There are two days left until the pip is due. How's everyone going? Almost done i hope?
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    Do my Survey

    Thanks to everyone who havd taken time out just to do my survey! your time is extremley apperciated. Oh and in case if anyone is wondering why i put ; "Oh by the way, you win : The feeling of happiness as you have helped a Society and Culture Student become one more step closer in achieving a...
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    PIP Survey - What drives females to be females?

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    Do my Survey

    Oh and i forgot.. PLEASE :)
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    Do my Survey

    I am conducting a survey for my Personal Interest Project for the HSC Society and Culture course. My topic is “GR8- Why doesn’t Miss get it?” which talks about Cyber language, is it a dumbing to our vocabulary or an outlet for creativity ? There is no need for you to print your name as this...
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    Are you guys finding Eng Ext Fun??? share your thoughts

    Personally, i think that ext english is easier compared to adv eng. Though , that was in regards to my half yearlies mark . i got 2/15 -> 90% . My prelims for ext is in two days and i'll see how "easy" it really is . Haha . We're doing the Gothic Genre and i haven't been doing much throughout...
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    How are 08's finding their Preliminary Year?

    haha , most time flying year EVERRRRR ( no , not because the prelim year has three terms overall ) haha , and may i add most controversial . The exams are crazy and assignments >_>" . overwhemling . garr <_<. Haha , i seriously look forward to the HSC year . (hint sarcasm) Hell number two
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    Othello + related text

    haha , thanks everyone ! oh and hi truong! guess you found me :D
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    My Prelims Are Tmr And I Need Urgent Help

    My Prelims for SAC is tomorrow and i am dreadfully struggling to figure out some answers that they might put in the exam tmr . Well , i was wondering if anyone would know anything about : The role of kinship and Family The role of class and status and the difference between power and...
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    '07 Preliminary Roll Call

    Haha My name Is Clara and i attend Cabramatta High. Prelims : 2U maths , 3U eng, modern , society and culture, mutlimedia, photography and some compolsory sub for 11ers called crossroads which is really similar to PDH . haha , im not the logical mathematican type , and one day i hope to succeed...
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    School / Subject

    Re: POLL - What school you at? Unfort.. Cabramatta High . Anyone heard of it?
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    PRELIMINARIES - are you ready?!

    OMFGS!! MY PRELIMS ARE TOMORROW!!! NOOOO !! and i am NOWHERE NEAR READY ! ><" . And my oh my , my freaking mini pip is also due tomorrow. GREATTT >_>" best of luck everyone!!