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    Uai 80-89

    biology-90 earth and environmental science- 90 gen maths- 91 senior science-91 standard english - 76 1U SOR - 38/50 (apparantly doesnt get counted in the uai) UAI-88
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    its my favorite subject
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    The Drinking Thread!!!!

    Re: Favourite Alcoholic Drink? Tooheys Extra Dry!!!FTW
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    Lions and tigers and introduced species! Oh my!

    european carp might be hard to find info on. im sticking to spannish rabbits, cane toads, lantana and bittou bush. theyare heaps easier to find stuff on.
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    senior science is da best

    only some of its hard, ive ended up with a mark of about 90 from this year, but i also do bio and earth science. senior is just a mark booster. so AMEN!!!
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    Marking of options?

    we were told that genetics is regarded as harder, so i think we get scaled up (i hope)
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    Which Bio option did you do for 2008?

    genetics!!!! it was pretty hard, just glad its over
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    Pissy easy paper

    yer i thought it was easy too, maybe a 80+
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    what mark do you think you got?

    going in i thought 90+ but now i hope about an 85
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    Curious: L's or P's-class of '08

    green Ps, i got them on the 19th os september
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    Can you get a band six?

    my teacher told me im in line for a band 6, after doing last years paper this morning i got about a 92, so i hopefully can do the same tomorrow
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    Cosine rule question :S

    isnt the smallest angle in a triangle the opposite to the smallest side?
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    How did you approach the Wilfred Owen question?

    i translated Dulce et Decorum Est, so to say that owen disagreed with the notion that it was a right and proper way to die for ones country. basicly just went on about how he hated war
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    English Over Forever

    could not say it better myself
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    Notes for Stricktly Ballroom

    um all ive prepared is main notes on power and authority, and rebellion and individuality.
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    Raw Notes & Suggestions for Related Texts

    we did the youth off the streets website, and some story from 4 corners about some criminals adjusting to the outside after being in prison
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    memoir, speech or story?

    i did the story, didnt turn out fantastic, but good enough (i hope)
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    08 HSC Students - Are you 18 yet or not?

    im 18, its abit of anoying cause you want to go out, but need to study
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    2008 NRL Premiership