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  1. PS5 and Xbox Series X are both worth for racing games?

    I've enjoyed GT7 (good online mode) and Assetto Corsa (great realism and sound design). If you want something less realistic and more of an 'arcade' racer, need for speed is basically the gold standard for playstation.
  2. Does this email mean anything?

    It's a formality/promotion. You will be bombarded with these emails in the coming months.
  3. Do we need positioning when naming amides?

    Only if there is a higher priority group in the molecule. Edit: This would be an exceedingly rare case I imagine, so for all practical purposes, no you don't need to denote the position of an amide.
  4. 2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    Could be worthwhile doing a results check.
  5. State Ranks

    First priority is HSC mark, then they look at the unrounded (e.g. 98 exam 98 assessment would beat 97 exam 98 assessment), then look at raw marks
  6. State Ranks

    Dr Du and other tutoring centres usually have an honor roll where they show their students' marks and if they were state ranks or not
  7. 2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    Would 98 be a state rank in chemistry?
  8. does your school get your atar?

    They get your hsc marks so I suppose they could determine your atar, but uac doesn't tell your school
  9. Medicine 😎

    Remember, UNSW uses UCAT+ATAR+Interview to make their offers for med. Even though your UCAT might make you less competitive, your ATAR and/or interview can greatly increase your chances of getting an offer.
  10. 2020-HSC chat

    It's just your internal ranks for your subjects, no marks or anything pertaining to the HSC exams (iirc from last year). I think the purpose of it is to check them against your report to make sure they're correct.
  11. HSC Chemistry SOLUTIONS / Thoughts / Predictions

    I think I got 564. I reckon if you made an algebraic error they might still pay you the marks, provided that you have adequate working
  12. Medicine Entry

    Must be a rural or indigenous applicant. For standard applicants it's always a 90%ile cutoff
  13. HSC Chemistry SOLUTIONS / Thoughts / Predictions

    The 4 marker with the iodine towards the end? That was a weird question and I feel as though it wasn't really assessing much chemistry.
  14. HSC Chemistry SOLUTIONS / Thoughts / Predictions

    It took nesa a while to deliver a tough exam in 2020, but at least they did it for the best subject
  15. HSC Chemistry SOLUTIONS / Thoughts / Predictions

    I always just draw them all and think about where the functional groups can move or possible different arrangements of the carbon chain.
  16. HSC Physics Predictions / Thoughts

    But when it is parallel to the B field, the change in flux is at a maximum, so emf is at a maximum
  17. HSC Physics Predictions / Thoughts

    Do you think this year has the potential to align even better than last year?
  18. HSC Chemistry SOLUTIONS / Thoughts / Predictions

    When you take the log of something, the number of significant figures becomes the amount of decimal places of the answer. For example, -log(4.3E-3) ≈ 2.37.
  19. HELPPP-writing outside the lines

    Based on the samples provided from the 2019 HSC, it looks like the scanners pick up writing that is well past the end of the lines. I'm quite sure only the grey part near the spine of the booklet gets removed.