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    School Leavers Scholarships

    yeah i got a scholarship for eco and bus - i rang on friday because im away for the next two weeks dont panic because she just put them in the mail on friday arvo
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    What's your job and how much you earn?

    landscaping - 18 an hour full time + 27 for over time... 55 hr weeks are about 1100 bucks
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    young writer's showcase 2007

    pretty sure they let you know mid march if you get in - what was ur MW
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    Was the 2007 HSC exam easier than last years and most other years?

    i think that the massive spike in band 6s compared to other years and also the higher aggregates to UAIs suggests the year group was the best evfer - even despite the aligning comment. for me drama - easier eco - same english adv - easier (comprehension way harder) x 1 - same maths adv...
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    Post Your 2008 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam) (UAI cutoffs link)

    Re: Post Your 2008 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam) (UAI cutoffs li Combined Law @ Usyd
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    English Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2 Online Tutoring

    sure. Treat English like maths in the sense that Advanced is your basic building blocks, extension 1 is starting to get into "pure English" and Extension 2 is really out there. What I mean is - for people who do Extension 2 particularly - they overanalyse the requirements of English Advanced...
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    'Law school applicants compete for fewer places'

    Season I was just seeking to mirror your logic or lackthereof through baseless presumptions and sweeping generalisations - and just because you have 2 or 3 or 20 people in your family who do/did law doesnt mean thats a very accurate representation of the "ins" and "outs" of a law degree - so you...
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    'Law school applicants compete for fewer places'

    Season your an idiot - you seem to know about medicine career route and absolutely nothing else (although you imply knowledge as to the pressure, statistics and nature of a law degree). Firstly, if you manage to pass the scrupulous tests for medicine and find out you suddenly don't like it...
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    English Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2 Online Tutoring

    if regular - 30 a week and that includes as much stuff as u wanna send + constant session/discussion in the lead up to Assessment tasks etc (ud probs wanna be doing 3-5 drafts for important tasks). if more casual - price is not set in stone, well sort something out. Btw if u hit a band 6...
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    English Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2 Online Tutoring

    Hey, my name is Dave and I just finished the HSC with a UAI of 99.65. More than anything else, I noticed that, because of scaling, English Advanced was the major discriminator at all ends of the spectrum - whether your aiming for a UAI of 70, 80 or 100 getting the edge in English is absolutely...
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    young writer's showcase 2007

    yeh same here, 49 - internal was a 47. I reckon they shouldnt have internal for ext 2 - it tests nothing really, and unlike other subjects, u cant smash ext 2 with good exam techers and cramming. i got 99.65 which was just enough for usyd law combined so yeh, i was happy too.
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    Raw Marks 07

    This thread probs wont be useful to people in 08 for a few months when they started gettin interested in Exam Raw marks.. but anyways... here are some good (im usually fairly accurate + based on other raw marks) estimates of correlation between raw and HSC - brackets are what i reckon i got...
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    ATTENTION past HSC success people!!

    Drama - 89 (fuck that off) Eco - 94 English Adv - 95 Eng X 1 - 47 Eng X 2 - 49 Latin - 97 Latin X - 49 Maths - 95 Maths X - 46 NSW UAI: 99.65 Work harder on English Advanced - its more important than the others - im sure ill get 20 dickheads telling me about scaling and weighting etc, BUT...
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    young writer's showcase 2007

    march, really? im away that whole month... hassle. Does anyone know how strict copywright etc is... howd u go in ext 2 in the end mad triste - and overall - good uai?
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    How can I improve??

    hey ur ranks look fairly good but there is no way to tell especially considering your aim... coming 1st is crucial - its a massive bonus because it means u get the top mark out of ur whole cohort as ur internal mark, and considering how badly exams can go, thats a really useful ace to have...
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    What does it typically take to get 99

    in what way is that overkill dickhead
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    Official UAI Results

    SAM: 99.55 ALBERT: 99.55 UAI:99.65 thank god english and latin scaled well this yr
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    Official HSC results.

    drama - 88 eco - 94 (disappointing.. hope they moderated hard this yr) eng adv - 96 eng ext 1 - 47 eng ext 2 - 49 latin - 97 latin x - 49 maths - 95 maths x - 46
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    Onstage Nominations!

    i got in for a CA on artaud and peter brook... is that cammie person for real
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    young writer's showcase 2007

    how did you guys go for internal in ex 2?