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    General Thoughts: Software Design and Development

    could not do that fucking encryption algorithm... everything else was pretty straight forward... the programming paradigms option was a little harder than previous years I thought :\
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    Software Design & Development Marathon [2012]

    heres a question for all the programming paradigm peeps state and briefly describe what programmers need to consider when choosing certain programming paradigms? (4 marks) sorry if its not worded nicely, tried my best to input aha
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    General Thoughts: Senior Science

    was a very straight forward exam. if i don't get a raw of at least 90 I will be pretty pissed what would that scale to??
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    General Thoughts: IPT

    umad benson? at least it was relevant to systems analysis, I mean thats what most of the tests are situated around... you're given a system, and you propose solutions for it. I never physically studied the "Syllabus" but kind of practised interpreting what they wanted from you in a question...
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    Standard Algorithms

    hey guys, software standard algorithms that we'll need for the test I know there is -Binary Search -Linear Search -Bubble Sort -Insertion Sort -Quick Sort -Maximum/minimum values in an array is there anything else I'm forgetting? and another question... when they say "create an algorithm"...
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    ATAR Estimate!

    thank you so much! gives me a little guidance as to what final ATAR I should be expecting (with the hard work, of course) I really appreciate it, all the best for your HSC studies too
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    ATAR Estimate!

    I know everyone asks, but I haven't seen many with my subjects with an estimate around, so hell, here we go: English Standard - 23/95 Mathematics (2unit) - 71/99 Biology - 22/58 Information Processes & Technology - 2/7 Software Design & Development - 1/10 Senior Science - 2/15 oh, and my...