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    Transferring to UNSW

    grizzly, even if you stay at your current uni, you would still need to get new student card, new concession card (for private buses). but yeh i agree that applying for credit/exemption is a killer. such an hassle.
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    Best way to study for Comm @ UNSW

    what i did for my first yr is i got the lecture note and wrote notes on them from the book. so instead of writing out notes in my excersie book, i just added various other points in the book to the lecture notes and studied that. summarising each chapter is good but unrealistic. if you have...
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    Which is the best uni for business/commerce/economics?

    UNSW. best in b com. esp acct.
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    O-Week 2005: Make Yourself At Home!

    no way. who told you that.
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    Free Parking Near or around UNSW

    How much is a yearly parking permit to park in the uni grounds.?
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    Help Me (Advanced Standing)

    same problem as me. i cant fit them all in.
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    What results are used when applying for a transfer?

    I believe they look at the results from your lastest academic year. (2nd year results in your case).
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    Comm (UNSW) to Comm (Lib Stud @Syd)??

    I dont think You would get complete 48 credit points transfered. Which means you would have to pick up on some first year subjects. In terms of mark requirement, I think you would have very good chance with average of High Credit. If you have the marks for USYD b com (Lib) why didnt you just...
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    ultimate trasfer question

    Your marks would add up to be credit average which gives you a chance. It's worth a try. I think you have a good chance. Faculty of Business at UTS requires anyone transfering into B Bus to have a minimum of credit average and high or low credit average depending on the demand (No. of...
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    First-year IT Camp 2005

    lol. I've had alcohol @ last year's camp. lol. Shared a bottle of JD between three of us. I got quite tipsy afterwards. Camp supervisors saw me and knew I was tipsy but didnt care. And I know for sure SOME ( I Stress the word SOME) of those 2nd year yellow shirt leaders had a piss up on the...
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    Help Please

    You never really know. Just have a crack mate. You might get lucky. As long as it ain't Law.
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    Help Please

    UTS looks half half - that is half your tafe mark and the other half your UAI. UAC will obtain your TAFE marks in time. Dont bother asking them to hurry things up.
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    Orientation Camps?

    Law faculty has orientation camp as well. You should've received some info package from UTS,
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    B Business B Computing questions

    Yeh. That is arguably one disadvantage of B Bus/B Comp, in that you can do only one major from business. Kinda off the topic but shouldn't this post be in Information Technology sub forum, since B Bus/B Comp is run by IT faculty. lol
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    Should I try to get into Commerce for Late Round?

    I'd say internal transfer is easier. Also D average isn't that difficult in first year if you put in the yards.
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    b.comm and b.eco

    Greater choice in regards to major.
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    How do you get sb to fall in love with you?

    As someone previously pointed out, you can't make somebody like/love you. Just be yourself and give him hints that your interested.
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    I think you can also get free parking at MAQ centre. If your willing to walk a bit....
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    plz help ~! B comm at macq or B business at UTS ??

    1. Is your head Coated with thousand layers of platium or what? Why do you insist that My arguement is based on UNSW and ignore the fact that I'm commenting on UTS in light of UNSW? 2. Have YOU made any constructive post? 3. Because I did. 4. Mate I didnt miss the topic title. I decided to...
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    plz help ~! B comm at macq or B business at UTS ??

    1. So where in the Tread title OR Initial Tread question does it say that I can't illustrate the benefits of studying B. Business at UTS in light of OTHER uni's? 2. And No mate, the initial issue ISNT whether commerce is better in MAQ than UTS. The initial issue IS the PRO's and CON's of...