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    M/C ANSWERS HERE! poll what u got!!!!

    Yeah I getcha.... i didn't read what the graph actually was! stupid stupid! "last time i checked increases means more or grows bigger etc " no need to be harsh, dickhead
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    M/C ANSWERS HERE! poll what u got!!!!

    The quota means the RESTRICTION on the number of goods allowed into the eco, therefore the quota has decreased, therefore the answer is D
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    Who actually used a case study in 28/29?

    Umm...yeah it is, but not gloabl trends in ER....thats just some made up term. Yeah, the case study was in the rubric, so you had to mention that, as I am soooo glad I did. The exam on the whole was not representative of the whole syllabus - too much ER, not really enough Fin. Also, did...
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    Cold War

    I did Cuba, and it was OK i though - stupid me got the year wrong!!! i did oct 1963 not oct 1962!!!! ah fuck! Other than that, the question was great, because you could talk about the crisia dn then US policy (eg. containment, marshall plan and truman doctrine.) I wrote 9 pages in big...
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    Source C.. what the?

    Re: source c They did cover ip to 1921 - well source D did...its part of that obscure section in the syllabus entitled "post-war expectations" that only like 1 textbook available has anything on - luckily I got a copy from my teacher last week so I knew it :) anyways, the 2nd source for...
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    BR/BNW Context

    I talked about Huxley's context, Scott's context, the context of the societies in which they lived (ie. 1920s England and 1980s America) and how the context, and the values of the composers affected what they wrote. So in essence I agreed with the question.
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    anyone use real people in lear conversation??

    I used Ian Holm, who plays Lear in the 1998 BBC production (the one with the red walls) :)), and Johnathan Miller who directed the 1988 production (the one that attempted to recreate an elizabethan production) Personally I loved that question, because it allowed us to talk about pretty much...
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    King Lear

    ben, he's got 4 in the 1st week too! so do i: week1: Mon - AoS Wed - Modules Thurs - Biz Fri - Modern Hist week2: Mon - Maths week3: Thurs - Hist. Ext week 4: Wed - Eco
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    King Lear

    those responses are shithouse esp the frontline and the BNW/BR can someone pls tell me WHERE representation is in the Frontline response?!? - and these are meant to be good responses when the module heading is "representation and text"
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    So very very very true!! In Biz, the syllabus reigns supreme - its so detailed, which makes it look bad (and in some ways it is - cuz there is just a teensy bit too much to cover! :rolleyes: ) - but in other ways, it makes studying a breeze (in relation to, say, english, where the syllabus is...
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    King Lear

    Is that the gearing ratio??? Thats been screwing our grade over, cuz we weren't sure - if they give it to us in the HSC, they have to give both answers correct marks, so its all good! ps: Cut theatre production of Lear was good...i guess, but the director was so disorientated!!! Its like...
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    Wessta Trial 2002

    I think I've done the WeSSTA paper (mult choice part of it) like 3 times, and some of the questions are f*cked but at least you now know how to answer them if they pop up in the HSC
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    Major Project Marks

    38/40: 18/20 for essay 20/20 for other stuff (eg. propsal, bibliography, source analysis etc...)
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    Cold War legacy

    CW legacy isn't really an issue is it, cuz the syllabus ends in 1991, which is the fall of the Berlin Wall, and they can't assess us on anything past that date. Although I am willing to stand corrected if someone can prove that its in the course, although I think thats a part of the old HSC...
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    UNSW Economics Competition

    I went to the prize night (for Biz - trust me it was a much easier quiz) and heaps more were there for Biz than Ec - and many more from Ruse than any other school. It appears they accelerate their Biz classes, as they were all in year 10! The top mark in the country for Ec was 36 and for Biz...
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    case study confusion

    In the Bus. St. HSC Exam, there are TWO extended responses: q26: extended resposne with stimulus material - it does not talk at all about case studies. q28/29: you have a choice out of two, usually both are about the same topics in the syllabus (eg. as ben said Global+ER), and you HAVE to...
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    isn't econometrics compulsory in BCom at USyd as a 1st year subject. Econometrics is just another term for statistics which is ALL maths. :(
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    Case Study (QANTAS)

    Yeah manly_girl we just got that today - looks pretty mad, nice and concise. Is there are booklet produced by Qantas as well??? Because when we did our global case study (no. 1) on HSBC we got a fat glossy booklet produced by them all about the company. It was one-sided (obviously - being...
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    2003 UAC books^^

    What about a Com (Lib St) @ USyd or Commerce/Arts which takes the UAI down to 96 and 93 respectively. Or there's just a plain Arts or Arts (Languages) degree @ USyd and you can transfer after 1 year. BTW: I want an Arts/Commerce degree of some sort @ USyd or UTS
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    pyschology at uni..

    Also the new commerce degrees @ USyd allow one major from any faculty at the univeristy - meaning u can do a major in marketing and psychology for example under the one commerce degree, instead of having to commit to a double-degree. But commerce @ USyd is 93.05 so its not as good as a...