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    UAI Guess Competition

    User:~Natalie:)~ UAI guess: 75 Actual UAI: Signed: 13/12/2008
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    Ban red pens... for the children.

    Out of all the important things going on in the world the government is worrying about red pens?? why??
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    Songs you CANNOT stop listening to

    Hot 'n' Cold - Katy Perry Funhouse and So What - Pink Lots of others but they are the ones I absolutely love right now!! :D
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    are people who are ambidextrous, smarter?

    Re: are people who are both handed tend to be smarter? well I do just about nothing with my right hand except write and I'm definately not more intelligent because of it. Everything is done the left handed way besides writing and I am nothing more than of average intelligence. So its...
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    What won't you miss about high school.

    Well basically, I wont miss: - relief teachers - the principals 'short speech' that went for 20 mins (yes we timed him) - the assemblies that had nothing to do with anyone but the footy boys - stupid juniors congregating in the middle of the hallways - juniors in the senior area - having lots of...
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    Post-HSC Life

    Nov 13th - Finished HSC (society and culture) Nov 14th - Got ready for formal and went to formal at 4.45pm Nov 15th - Nothing yet...its only 1.20pm still time Rest of time off undecided but WILL look for a job after rest.
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    Freedom After The HSC

    I only finished today so it has not yet sunk in :( By tomorrow or saturday it would have sunk in and I will be carefree without worrying about anything...Cant wait til it sinks in :o but then again now I have no excuse to say "no i cant do that...im studying" that line has come in handy...
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    What you will miss about high school

    Seeing friends everyday Some teachers Bumming around during bereaks/frees Possibly everything BUT all the assessments, exams etc
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    Which faculty had the "best" Teachers?

    MY maths teacher was the best apart from that the best faculty was definately Social Science.
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    If you could go back to the beginning of the HSC...

    Wouldnt change a thing!!!! Everything happens for a reason so there are good reasons I did what I did but I'm still unaware of these reasons. They'll surface when its time.
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    If i had known SAC was the last exam, i wouldn't have chosen it.

    I started on day 1, finish on the last day and between my 2nd last exam and sac i've had 17 days. The last exam i did was music.
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    Your bedroom during the H.S.C =]

    i use my room to study so yes it is a total mess right now and i havent even finished the HSC (damn sac) books, study notes you name it its probably on my bedroom floor, after the HSC is a massive clean up.
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    did anyone got to the toilet and hungry at the same time.

    Our supervisors told us to write our number on every page in the booklets so that if they fall apart our whole report/answer will be marked. It was so annoying!!
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    Coffee? Yes please.

    mmmmm... i love coffee but at the moment I am drinking zero coffee and zero caffiene yes it maybe crazy but caffiene makes my acid reflux worse so no coffee during HSC to prevent acid reflux during exams.
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    What have you eaten today?

    toast chocolate banana orange juice water and now considering what to have for lunch...
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    your current favourite song

    Funhouse - Pink So what - Pink Hot 'n' Cold - Katy Perry (i dont know why i like this song but its catchy)
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    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    so far... Funhouse - Pink thats it but its only early more to come later
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    What about Pinks new album, Funhouse

    What does everyone think about Funhouse, the latest album from Pink?? Cant wait till her tour next year, LOVE the album, especially So what and Funhouse (the song)
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    Family- a) or b)

    wow, OK i didnt think as many people would have done b like me
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    Curious: L's or P's-class of '08

    Red P's can go for greens anytime after dec 30th...i think i'll be waiting till next year lol