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    2003 HSC Marks

    mike- I think maybe you have a funny idea of what 'shit' is.... don't be so hard on yourself
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    2003 HSC Marks

    i got: 91 biology band 6 85 design and technology band 5 78 standard english band 4 94 general maths band 6 82 vis arts band 5 I was pretty happy with that except a little disappointed with english...
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    Hey I was just wondering if anyone (other than me) who was shortlisted has not received a letter yet. I haven't got one so I assume I haven't been selected although I haven't received one to say that I wasn't selected. I think this is pretty bad form, it doesn't really bother me that I...
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    Stuuuupid Exam

    Yeah but it wasn't an infectious disease so it wouldn't have been air or waterborne because that's infectious. I agree, this was a stupid question. I spent heaps of time learning complicated things like protein synthesis and action potential and they never even asked anything that complex...
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    what number question 2 ??? bloody exam was ssoooooooo hard !!!!! what do you reckon?

    I did question ten with Rembrandt, Trevor Nickolls and Jackson Pollock. I was hoping there would be a cultural frame question but there wasnt... damn. Anyway I thought the exam was pretty reasonable.
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    Q 1a - what 3 social aspects did u guys write?

    I did pretty much the same thing- overpopulation, hierachy in society, multiculturalism/change from north and south korea to republic. I hadn't heard of this artist before, but I think over all the exam was fairly straight forward. What did you think?
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    Multiple Choice...

    Beaky i got four Bs in a row for those questions as well.... phew I feel so relieved now!
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    Ummm does the date matter?

    Well get this, I accidently wrote the school number instead of the centre number. LOL how stupid do I feel? I think it'll be alright though, I wrote the right student number, but after doing the exam I was all tired/not thinking straight. oh well :shy: it's all good!
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    That 's why we get scaled down

    born2try.. I did exactly the same thing for Witness :p but it was probably my worst essay. I got told that the BOS doesn't scale the marks at all and it's only the UAC that scales them for the UAI....??
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    HEY PlZZZZ calculate my UAI

    Hello! Was just wondering if you could possibly work out my UAI for me? standard english 1st- 84 General Maths 1st- 90 Biology 1st- 80 Vis Arts 1st- 80 Design and Tech 1st- 85 THANKYOU!
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    Italian movies

    Nah they are all off Life is beautiful... they're not really proverbs or anything, just little things I like saying :).
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    Italian movies

    vai via cane' = go away dog struzzi i cameli = something about strutting camels but I'm not quite sure :p l'aragosta e' un crostaceo = the lobster is a crustacean I saw Davide, it was very stunning! But what really impressed me was the Botticelli room in the Ufizzi! It was heavenly!! Did...
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    Italian movies

    haha, yeah I can relate to that! Sometimes I found it really difficult to figure out whether people were yelling at eachother or having a friendly chat. Did you find that? It's just that the Italians are so animated! But I love that about them, I think Italians are awesome! My Italian is...
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    Italian movies

    I don't do Italian for my HSC, but I did it in year 9 and 10 and I have been there twice! I am very lucky! Has anyone else been there? Does anyone know of a place called 'Gubbio'? I went to the 'Festa de Ceri' which was absolutely awesome. It is a little medieval town and I love it! I...
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    Design Tech Selection

    It said on my letter of nomination that we are supposed to get a letter this month. I am waiting anxiously going 'I wonder if they didn't get my forms or something! :( ' . But it seems I'm not the only one who hasn't got a letter yet so it's all good.
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    Italian movies

    I LOVE Roberto Benigni. 'La vita e bella' is my all time favourite movie. I love the little boy in it, he's adorable. I also love 'il Postino' and 'Cinema Paradiso'. I absolutely love all things italian. 'l'aragosta e un crostaceo' lol. :)
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    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    Ah, it's all too confusing for me. I have read basically this whole forum and I'm still unsure! I am ranked first in all my classes and got pretty good assessment marks as far as I know. In most of my classes there is a pretty big gap between myself and the person who came second. From...