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    Flux Density

    That's more or less what the OP is saying.
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    BoS Maths Trials 2018

    Will the 3U paper be up prior to the exam?
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    How hard would people say this exam was relative to like previous years (2012,13 etc)? I found the past papers quite a lot easier but other people have said different things.
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    Think I got 86-88 raw, anyone have any idea what that'd scale to? 96?
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    N&S clearly just wanted to be the first to publish it, very unpolished set of solutions but it'll make do for now.
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    12a) there should not be a pi
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    The solutions I posted have quite a few mistakes. (1 in MC, 12a, 13a and probs more)
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    Jokes here are the solutions fellas
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    Terry Lee usually does them very fast, but his website doesn't exist anymore for some reason. Anyone know why? Otherwise, I think the BOS admins do one, but this may take a day or two since they take extra care in providing proper solutions.
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    Was a pretty hard exam (way way harder than 2017). Got all of the last polynomials question out (might lose 1 on the explanation), but screwed up the math induction =.= because i misread it oops. And also didn't do the triangle thing or the very last part of q15. Hoping for close to 90 raw. What...
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    BoS Maths Trials 2018

    Probably cause half of us got so demoralised from being unable to do Q11a :(
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    CSSA Physics 2018

    Anyone know what the extended response for Q2Q was?
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    SGS Eco papers?

    Long shot but does anyone happen to have any Sydney Grammar internal Economics papers? I've only found the 08 and 16 trials (thsc).
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    Top Achievers in Course List

    Lol @ the Latin and Greek Continuers and Extension state rankers. Congrats to Gabriel Gregory (6 state ranks)! Grammar killed it, especially in languages and MX2.
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    Which Textbooks/Study Guides??

    I agree with the MIF part. However, whatever you do, be sure to purchase Cambridge some time.
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    Which Textbooks/Study Guides??

    Cambridge for maths. Read through the easy sections which you have covered like Chpt1 and 2. Once you know all of it, do the trigonometry. Then you can browse through the other sections. (Quadratics, Logarithms etc)
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    Thoughts on quitting 3U tutoring?

    If you don't think it's really helping you, then you should quit. Doing harder questions will be useful in exams.
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    Should I drop back to 2U maths?!?! :/

    What school do you go to? If you aren't comfortable, then just drop 3u. It'll be hard coping with ext maths and ext II English.
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    Should I do French extension?!

    Extension only if you feel confident.