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    Dr Du vs Talent100 2018

    in all honesty, dr du was shi* I was in an A class and though we got tutored by a high achiever, she didn't explain concepts properly at all. she just wrote copy + paste from some dr du workbook she was reading from. she literally copied it and wrote it - she did not at all explain the logic...
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    What laptop should I get for uni?

    I spent a week or two finding a cheap good laptop. Got a tablet laptop for cheap. It ended up breaking because its RAM was so low and I had to get it fixed 2-3 times. Then I spent a MONTH researching to find the absolute best laptop for a good price. This was DURING YEAR 12. Such a waste of...
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    ATAR Lower than Calculators?

    Wow what subjects and results if you dont mind sharing? mine was 0.2 off matrix
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    CHEAP chemistry, English and 4u HSC books!! NEED TO BE GONE ASAP!!

    English Advanced A TA RNOTES guide!!! ($20) - explains how to write an essay, improve handwriting, each module breakdown with sample essay to read how to write an essay according to the module, great tips for creative writing ETC basically covers every part of the syllabus a MUSTHAVE BOOK...
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    Extracurricular Activities

    Thanks Jazz I'll contact someone at my local temple Haha yeah I do really like the actor :P
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    SELLING BOOKS!! English, Physics, Chemistry, 3u maths and 4u maths

    CHEMISTRY Dot Point Chemistry MCQ Success One Chemistry Checkpoints - good practice questions from VCE 1997 -2002 Chemistry revision -multiple choice questions Physics Revise in a month Dot Point Physics Excel Physics textbook Maths Terry Lee (2u 3u combined) Terry Lee 4u maths...
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    Extracurricular Activities

    Hey just wondering, what temple and programs did you volunteer for? I'm Hindu myself so I was looking for volunteering work :)
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    Can i still grow taller?

    my dad's shoe sie at 24 was sie 6 its like 8 now (20 ish years later) and he said he grew like 2 inches as wel (he didnt actually properly measure his height tho) so yes also he did lots of exercise
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    Raw Marks for 99.95?

    Would it actually be better to do better in low-scaling subjects (eg Physics compared to Chemistry)? So 96 in PHYS, 94 in CHEM
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    HSC Distinguished Achievers question

    What was your internal + external for that at a top selective school?
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    Computer Science students

    Ooh I see, thank you!! My brother and a few others - apparently its stuff from outside sources that's loosely RELEVANT but not explicitly stated? And thats why you mainly have to just pass exams With the internship part i meant that if I take an internship, would it make it easier for me at...
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    Computer Science students

    What are your exams about? Is it coding stuff you learn in uni? Apparently uni exams ask a lot of irrelevant stuff that probably wouldn't even be written on the syllabus hence the tests are really hard. is it possible to do a cadetship/internship simultaneously and NOT study because...
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    99.95 ATAR | 1st in NSW in Biology | 7th NSW Physics | Courses in all sciences

    Hey Chatswood is really far - I was wondering if you could share your techniques on perfecting exam technique for sciences :) What mindset did you approach it with and how did you ensure you wrote everything in your answers? I've thought of mentallying ask yourself the 6W questions (who what...
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    Studying for physics olympiad

    So howd you go in the olympiads? Is that the way to get into ISS (i saw on your other post)?
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    How do i state rank physics?

    What's his fb name?
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    which are the best tutorials for maths and eglish

    Thats okay How do you know if someone replied to your message/ post? I usually view on my past posts to see if there are replies but do u get notifications?
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    Dr Du 4u Maths tutoring entrance test

    ^^^ Anyone have any advice for the entrance test? For 4u maths. What are the questions like?
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    which are the best tutorials for maths and eglish

    Maths - questions are the best way to study :) keep doing them! Make sure you know your fundamentals before you go on with hard questions. Best questions are from past papers Tell your tutor to give you weekly quizzes Make a notebook of past questions you got wrong and do them until you...
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    4unit maths tutoring: Dr Du VS Truongs VS Harry's education centre VS Intuition

    ^^^ Which is best? Do any of these tutoring centres accept students halfway though yr 12?
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    which are the best tutorials for maths and eglish

    What school/ subjects & where are you located? Dont worry, youre in year 11 you'll catch up!! :)