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    Did anybody run out of time or find the test at all difficult?

    i ran out of time and left any hard ones! were all the people referring to the multiple choice because that was great, and the stem and leaf plot was great, but i think that people were happy they could just answer the questions with relative ease!
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    Studies of Religion-Exam thoughts in here only

    the exam was so great i came out and everyone was smiling as it was so easy and the questions were good. Fantastic exam
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    Multiple Choice

    1-c 2-d 3-d 4-d 5-b 6-c 7-a 8-b 9-b 10-a
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    How Did You Answer The Parenting And Caring Part C?

    i thought the multiple coice was great, although i had no clue about the parents and carers 15 mrk question, i just waffled about duty of care and how carers have to respect the parents wishes.