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    Introduced Species

    yeah you reckon. I'd been studying salvinia and rabbits all night, and there was bloody nothing on them in the exam. Did anybody else think the graphed question took way too long, and the question about ecosystem rehabilitation to be pretty out of whack?
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    General Thoughts on the exam

    Reflecting on the exam, I think I was boned. Did anybody else find the graphing question for Introduced Species annoying as hell, spending about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to do the dates and stuff? Questions 25 and 26 really threw me. I think one was about rehabilitation of an...
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    Hard AS!!

    oh dear...I screwed that question. Although I don't recall them telling us the size of the tapes
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    Easy as

    What question was this?
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    Easy as

    I'm seeing these posts saying "OH NO! I f'd up this question! I said (something) and the answer was (something else)", and I'm thinking how I BARELY got it right just by noticing/remembering minor details. It makes you think how the exam wasn't really a good indicator as to performance in the...