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    Help the accounting noob! Feasible to do Acct2011 and 2012 in the same semester?

    ACCT2012 doesn't build on ACCT2011. 2011 is all financial reporting and the like, you have to remember/know heaps of bs accounting standards. Pretty boring in my opinion.
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    WOOO! shortlisted for scholarship!

    How do they contact you if you're shortlisted?
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    need to confirm some answers:

    Yea, the second range is 19.67<x<20 because the range is a maximum at x=1, not 19.51<x<19.67, so the width isn't 0.159. Btw, are there two solutions for each x and y in 5(c)??
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    need to confirm some answers:

    hey guys, how many solutions were there for 5(c) and what did people get for 6 (b)(iii), cheers.
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    Hey what did people get for the perms and combs question
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    circular banked track

    if u let x=30 degrees, N=reaction , F=friction and resolve forces horizontally and vertically, you end up with Equation 1: Nsinx + Fcosx= (mv^2)/r Equation 2: Ncosx - Fsinx = mg (Equation 1 times sinx) + (Equation 2 times cosx)= N (Equation 1 times cosx) - (Equation 2 times sinx) = F With...
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    Anyone Else Abhore Personality Question?

    Yea, I mainly said he shaped events as he stayed true to his ideology despite his being arrested, exiled, 1905 failure etc. But then in the power struggle, he let events such as Stalin's maneauvres shape him to an extent. Dunno if that's right.
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    Anyone Else Abhore Personality Question?

    I thought it was easier to argue against it for Trotsky, anyone do Trotsky?
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    Gorbachev and Cold War!!

    Yea, that sounds about right. How much did you include on his policies, collectivisation etc. ?
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    Gorbachev and Cold War!!

    What did people write for the Russia foreign policy question?
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    Distinction Courses Info Day, Thursday 23/11

    Does anyone know when the residential camps are for Philosophy?
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    chinese continuers hsc

    for those of you who have done the continuers hsc course, did it count towards your uai? Because I have heard it doesnt scale very well.