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    Recommended 200 level elective

    Hey All Looking to do an easy 200 level elective for this semester. I've got 2 free units and can't decide on what to do...anyone done anything relatively easy/interesting? I'm doing B Com Mktg. Cheers!
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    anyone going to sibt at macquarie university

    yeah i'm going there this year, doing commerce. anyone else?
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    LOL Scott!
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    Did anyone get MICR??

    Yes! Said Magnetic ink Char Regocnition... and gave the example of Cheques. Sweet!
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    Did you finish?

    Hahaha! Classic! I managed 8/8/9 and was pretty happy with that. Good exam!
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    Who came first in their ipt class :D

    I came 1st in the Year with an assessment average of 95%.
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    CSSA Trial Results

    81% :( 16/20 36/40 17/20 12/20 disaster Rank 19/68