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    Uts vs usyd

    What made you rule out UNSW? Doesn't everyone say they're the best when it comes to engineering?
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    Enrolment variations- CHEM1902

    Now that semester 1 results have come in....I've finally achieved that distinction I needed in CHEM1101 Point is, the Unit if study thingy said that for CHEM1902: "Pre-requisites: CHEM (1901 or 1903) or Distinction in CHEM1101 or equivalent" Does this mean I'll be able to add CHEM1902 via...
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    Finding classes....

    Just a quick question coming from a 1st year! During O-week would building access be available so that we can actually find the exact location of our tutes/lecs? I'm familiar with the building where my tutorials/lectures are but not neccessarily the floor space within some of the buildings...
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    Post your 2011 University Offers here

    B Eng with B Med Sc at USYD =D
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    Thoughts on Bio exam??

    I did human story too....and i have never seen a prosimian foot in my life.
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    Multiple choice answers?

    yay :D.....i remember that question as if it was embedded into my mind. I guessed at first then looking over it again...i finally realised what to do [ i think]
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    How does the second round offer thingo work?

    Hi I have a question which I think fits in to this thread Say you accept a main round offer and enrolment is shortly after and you go through all the enrolment procedures... my point is that early feb offers come out after enrolment period...so if you do get an offer then, what do you do =/?
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    Engineering with Med sc?

    Wow that really helped :D Thank you !! Hmmm...you've actually got me thinking...makes me wish I'd post this before preferences closed for main rounds. However engineering has always been one of my top options [of interest] as a uni degreee after going to UNSW engineering open day couple...
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    Engineering with Med sc?

    Hi....I wanted to see if anyone was doing engineering with med sc. I put it as my first preference and decided to do it at USYD. Overall, I just wanted to know if anyone who was doing the course could give a lie down of the years ahead? Course structure, subjects you do? The people i talked to...