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    Timber and furniture industries

    that test was easy
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    Timber Tech

    Any one have any tips or hints as to whats in the test? im wanting the best possible mark for this as i have done a really good practical and need good exam marks so i can get a band 6. our trials was easy and i got 89% so hopefully this test will be easy as well
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    what did everyone think of the construction test? i thought it was reasonably easy and learnt most of it
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    Hsc Test On Thursday

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    Hsc Test On Thursday

    ok thanks
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    Hsc Test On Thursday

    what is everything? my maths teacher wasnt very clear on what to take but just a ruler and caculator
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    i do fast track construction which is on every tuesday for 8am-4pm. we would do like 8-10 of theory then the rest practicle it was a great course
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    Hsc Test On Thursday

    hey im just wondering what equipment we need to take into our exam like we take calculators but do we need to take any other equipment like protractors or any thing?
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    1 related material or 2

    we got told to do one by our teacher ii just made it up the 2nd one think i did it pretty good to
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    Witness and related texts ASAP

    yer you dont need any related texts
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    The night before and morning of an exam...

    have sex the night before wake up and have more sex i see it as a win win situation
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    Peter Skrzynecki speech HELP!!

    ok i have to do a speech this friday 27th july. the question is Any journey provides traveller with oppurtunities to extend themselves physically, intellectually and emotionally. how has your study of skrzyneckis poetry and related material confirmed this view of journeys. i need 2 poems and...
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    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    throw mullet (fish) ion the roof of schools. as mullet are like a cylinder they roll down and stink the whole skool out. i did that in year nine but this year im gonna do the best prank/s ever