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    w00t! Eutrophication

    most schools aint like that think u go to a crap school
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    Industrial Chemistry

    yeah its 800
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    multipule choice answers

    the answer to 5 is 3 which is a ure teacher is a dik
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    looks like im way off i said sumthin happened to the guys optic nerve and did anyone realise that the communication was part of a old neap paper anyone goin to complain rekon its unfair because ppl at my school had done it
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    is q11 the hamburger question thats D and the phloem and xylem Q is B
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    The Exam

    did anyone find that the questions were 4 3 unit pupils such as sleep etc
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    fuk off i hate ppl like u that always apply 4 extra marks jst do the exam my parents separated a day into the hsc
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    modern history

    ure idiots the way to answer the question on indochina is to give the significance of the incident and then add other reasons of intervention such as communism and the gi generation