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  1. C

    Science SC Test

    stupid yr 10's lol man fossils develop best in river beds so lava is a completely wrong answer for all of u who did the exam... this is coming from a finished hsc student so yea ...doesnt matter the answer was C.. ohh wells good luck in ure otha exams
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    Greek World 500-440BC essay tips and questions

    help!! hey im doin this topic too and i was just wondering if anyone could give me sun info on the main people such as cimon...whom came after the persian wars or became famous duing the wars and later were still famous..... i was told that theres a big chance the will ask about politics...
  3. C

    possible 5unit maths ?

    freaks if they made 6 unit it maths only fucking freakish losers with no life would do it lol general maths all the way !! 6 unit maths i mean come on..... u need a social life and wats with the ideas of 6 unit english man just as bad i mean advanced english was stupid and boring especially...
  4. C

    That wasn't too bad!

    yea general maths was pretty ok except sum of it was fucking hard with the angles but i gotta admit the multiple choice was good it was a bit hard at times but i think i did O K fir 4 hrs sleep and study starting last night lol ....