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  1. J

    ok lets start the bitching, that was a difficult exam...

    I have to disagree...All of you should have been listening to the media...there has been tonnes on international child porn rings and drug trafficking...its not difficult at all...and in terms of being stressed for time it was soooooo not long exam...I never finish my school papers and I...
  2. J

    did anyone else realise how badly ipt gets scaled?

    I know of plenty of people who are getting in the mid eighthies to mid nineties in IPT...and I know that all the kids in my class are getting high seventies mid eighties (78-86%) and one guy in particular is getting 90s the whole of yr11-12...there are quite a few SDD kids doing the subject this...
  3. J

    formulas for DSS (speadsheets)

    Hi guys I have a problem...my teacher told me that its 100% necessary to know how to use the trend and forcast functions (know the formula) for the DSS section as a question usually asks for "design a spreadsheet solution" -- does anyone know the simple version of these formulas, the one they...
  4. J

    Effective human rights issue

    A really good issue to focus on is anti discrimination...think of looking at Homosexual relationships --> here is a really good website for this... http://www.lawlink.nsw.gov.au/adb.nsf/pages/samesex
  5. J

    Re Kevin

    The case is currently considered as "Re Kevin and Jenifer", however if you call it Re Kevin it is acceptable. PLEASE NOTE that the inclusion on all other dates is irrelevant, you should only BRIEFLY discuss the case, it decision and why it was elevant to FAMILY LAW i.e. It set a benchmark for...
  6. J

    help on ros and guil please

    There are 2 main ideas associtated with this. 1) They cannot truly have any choice because they are struck within the plot of Hamlet 2) Fate is predetermined (the tossing of coins...they will always land the same way no ,matter how many times they are tossed)... Hope it helps
  7. J

    Dramatic Irony in Fontline Eps

    Dramatic irony is when the audience is aware of something that a character(s) in a film/play/tv episode etc are not aware of...a good example of dramatic irony can be seen when in the siege Brooke tells the old lady that she has to sign some forms to protect he because other network/shows are...
  8. J

    world order

    Basically other tribunals are International/National courts (which try to promote countries working towards WO independently but with the financial assistance of the international community - usually in developing/newly form countries. The other question is more complicated to answer but is...
  9. J

    world order notes....

    Does anyone know a good resource for the World Order section of the HSC...the Hinemann textbook is very skethy on this topic...