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  1. J

    full lectures

    all the other lectures are full.. :S
  2. J

    full lectures

    if you have a shit as timetable, can you attend other lectures on a different day/time?
  3. J

    EAS points?

    yeah since youre really close to the cut off, im sure eas will help you get in! but like if you were 5 points from the cut off, it shortens your hope for getting in. you should be fine! plus if it makes you feel any better, i heard that cut offs MAY lower this year, due to something to do with...
  4. J

    EAS points?

    yeah you got a fairly good chance. i think eas gives you a maximum of 5 points. but im not too sure so dont mark my words
  5. J

    Foodtech exam set out! Important for all ft students

    the last extended response will either be nutrition or marketplace the first extended response will be on any core topic
  6. J

    Foodtech exam set out! Important for all ft students

    hey, just type on google 2011 food technology specimen paper it will give you a good idea of how it will be set out
  7. J

    band 6 cut off for hospitality?

    what is the band 6 cut off for hospitality? the exams out of 80
  8. J


    buy this asian remedy called tiger balm. it works wonders. just get someone to massage your hand with it and it gives you relief from muscle pain etc you can get it from asian stores
  9. J

    Working out your assessment mark

    okay so for each assessment you must do the following: your mark/ total mark x the weighting e.g. 75/ 85 x 35 % weighting total weighting - the answer from above (e.g. 30.88) = 4.12 % then do the same for all your other assessments and then add them all up once you have done that then...
  10. J


    http://mscw.catholic.edu.au/ i think you mean this one ^ the password and username is both 'parent'
  11. J

    Independent Trial Paper Results YAY! or NAY.

    i did the cssa paper, and considering i did it the night before (literally- i had about 3 hours of study) i think i did pretty good :) i got 86%
  12. J

    Best Trial exam so far?

    Definitely english paper 2.
  13. J

    CSSA Studies of Religion

    Re: SOR exams... does any one know the 2010 question for the extended response?
  14. J

    sor 1 unit cssa past papers

    any one the 2010 and 2009 one please? could you link me to it or send me an email x_azngurl@hotmail.com thank you
  15. J

    CSSA Studies of Religion

    Re: SOR exams... does anyone have sor cssa past papers here? 2010 and 2009 preferably with solutions?
  16. J

    Calculating Internal Mark

    but before the board calculates it she determines people's ranks like for half yearly etc and she doesnt keep in mind the weighting, just the number of marks we've lost :L
  17. J

    Calculating Internal Mark

    omg i knew it! my teacher's been calculating incorrectly. damnn, i have to give her a math lesson now.
  18. J

    Calculating Internal Mark

    ok so i think my teacher is calculating my internal marks incorrectly. What i think she is doing is this: (this is just an example) assessment mark 1 : 72/75 weighing 15 % /100 assessment mark 2: 98/100 weighing 30 % /100 half yearly 73/80 weighing 15 %/100 assessment 4: 48/50 weighing 20%...
  19. J

    CSSA Biology paper 2007

    yeah i have an ecopy :) pm me your email and i'll send it to you
  20. J

    How do you go about learning your syllabus?

    in all seriousness, are they really? what about his biology notes?